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Accelerate Business growth with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the process of outsourcing of software, data storage, and processing. With the help of an internet connection, users have started accessing applications and files by logging in from any device in the system. Instead of working on the hard drive, the user can work on a global network of secure data centers. Henceforth, it frees up processing power, facilitates sharing and collaboration, and offers secure mobile access irrespective of the user’s presence on the device.

Types of Cloud Computing

Based on the type of resources being delivered, cloud computing has three main models:

1.SaaS: It is the most common type of cloud computing which offers the delivery of fully functional products to end-users. The beneficial factor of this type of cloud computing is that it saves lots of time since it doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed on every individual user’s computer.

2.IaaS: IaaS is best for organizations that want to do a lot of customization themselves. It offers secure network and storage capacity to system administrators. The businesses which want to keep pace with growth must opt for IaaS since it makes it possible for tech-savvy businesses to rent enterprise-grade IT resources and infrastructure.

3.PaaS: It offers developers the fundamental blocks for the creation of apps. On the additional note, PaaS offers development tools, programming environments, and preconfigured components.

With the world moving fast towards software as a service or SaaS, other than traditional software models, cloud computing has gained momentum over the last 10 years.

Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing can promise even better ways of collaborating data from anywhere in the world, using mobile devices. In the upcoming years, the future of cloud computing is advancing exponentially, fueled by quantum computing and artificial intelligence. More and more companies are adopting public and private clouds to combine services from different providers.