Digimondo: Connecting the world, the IoT way
Christopher Rath, CEO, Digimondo

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Connecting the world, the IoT way

DIGIMONDO’s successful use of the Internet of Things (IoT) has made them one of the sought-after companies for smart cities. DIGIMONDO enables the IoT by helping customers’ bridge the physical and digital worlds with unmatched technologies that solve real-life problems and make the world smarter, healthier, greener and safer.

“IoT is not only sensors talking to each other but talking to us humans too. We have designed and developed our solutions in a way everyone can understand and use services enabled by IoT, not just the technical folk,” says CEO of DIGIMONDO Christopher Rath. “The company’s objective from every IoT project is to simplify and remove complexity from the work process.”

Christopher Rath has played a key role in implementing IoT within the company and has always remained at the helm of things spearheading major strategy, sales and technical shifts across the company’s portfolio of products and services.

Further detailing about how IoT can benefit in Smart Cities, Christopher notes usability and accessibility are two of the highest priority factors for the company, in their solution design phase, which is also of utmost importance in any smart city project. “All city residents can gain from their city becoming smarter and from the availability of new services.”

IoT – The Latest Tech-Enabler

Christopher feels IoT is a new technology arena offering a slew of benefits to several stakeholders. He notes new technologies are always compared with existing ones and a need arises to demonstrate their applicability and relevance by solving some fundamental or basic business problem. “This can be achieved through running pilots or short POC (proof of concept) programs” he points out.

Challenges Galore

On the challenges faced, Christopher notes DIGIMONDO started with a different business model where the company planned to build a nation-wide LoRaWAN network for a single customer. “This plan got derailed. We were working in a bounded business model. Suddenly, we had to reset and re-learn and ultimately refocus to supply solutions to support multiple customers.” Christopher notes this helped them gain a deep understanding of the whole IoT value chain.

The Inspiration

Christopher’s idea of being inspired at work stems from the fact, customers use technology and solutions to solve day-to-day problems and major issues. “In this age of digital transformation and digitization, many cities struggle with adoption. But we want to show them these tools can make cities more efficient, positively impact the environment and make our lives better if we approach the problems with the right mindset.” He cites an example of how the company has deployed an IoT network within one of the largest school management facilities in Hamburg. “The janitors who are getting older, they love the convenience of being able to monitor doors as well as windows and check the school’s heating system from their homes in the cold winter evenings.”

The Success Mantra

A parting shot for budding entrepreneurs, Christopher says one can overcome failure when one makes mistakes and when the same is admitted. “We have made mistakes in our short company history, but we always learn from them. It is important to debrief after any situation and take onboard all opinions.”

Company: Digimondo

Website: www.digimondo.de

Management: Christopher Rath CEO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: Hamburg, Hamburg

Description: Our ambition is to create a smarter and better world through digitization. We do not only want Machines to communicate with each other because it is technically possible, but to change your life for the better and really have a meaningful impact.

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