ReSkills: Re-defining impactful and transformational learning
Jin Tan, CEO, ReSkills

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ReSkills: Re-defining impactful and transformational learning

Jin Tan is a man who dons multiple hats. He is a staunch believer that people can realize their full potential if they are given access to true mentors, who can teach them the skills they want to achieve. In 2020, he set up ReSkills Global, a company, designed to change the way we do business in the Personal Development Industry. Jin feels that Learning and Development should be a highly interactive, two-way process. He is also the principal partner at TBV Capital, a Securities Commission licensed venture capital fund in Malaysia focusing on empowering Tech Startups across Asia. He serves as the National Business & Economic Affairs Commission Chairman at JCI Malaysia, an international youth empowerment organization. In an interview, he speaks on array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of ReSkills

ReSkills connects aspiring learners to master coaches via interactive, real-time online courses. Learners achieve deeper understanding and mastery of the subject matter because they can analyze and apply the lessons learnt in deeply engaging, coach-led case studies and role-playing sessions. “Instead of static, pre-recorded videos, learners can interact, challenge and seek clarification from our coaches in real-time. This customized and user-centric learning allows learners to evaluate and apply the knowledge learnt far more effectively. At ReSkills, we believe in impactful and transformational learning. We elevate learners so that they each become masters, experts and inspirations to others.”

More importantly, from its inception, ReSkills championed a vital cause as identified by the United Nations: that young people should have access to affordable, inclusive and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education. “We believe that young people can save the world, they just need highly practical skills for employment and entrepreneurship. At ReSkills, we believe in impactful and transformational learning. We elevate learners so that they each become masters, experts and inspirations to others” adds Jin.

ReSkills- The Art Behind Mentorship

As any critical thinker will tell you, jumping to conclusions is fatal to a learner’s mastery of a subject, observes Jin. According to him, a learner can achieve mastery faster if an instructor is available to examine their understanding of the subject. Ask any of our expert coaches and they will assure you that learning should be an interactive, two-way process. “Furthermore, by collaborating with international accreditation organizations, learners graduating from our courses are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are internationally recognized.” He points out that there’s a worrisome trend though – many youths are lost and lack direction as they can’t see the massive potential in themselves, and the great things they can achieve. “I love helping people discover their true calling, by exposing them to a wide variety of learning topics at affordable prices. Perhaps, through ReSkills, they will encounter a subject which resonates with their values and experiences. I get excited to think that we may play a part in awakening the next Einstein! Perhaps all they need is a little nudge on the back.”

Leadership Traits

A visionary, a problem solver and a caring educator, Jin says that he loves to change the world through affordable education, and he is grateful to have a team who shares his beliefs. “Therefore, I am devoted to keep my team focused on the big picture, and all the people we are helping globally. Over time, I’ve grown to realize that different leadership traits are required for different situations. As I deeply believe in the potential and inherent goodness in people, I’ve also adopted a ‘coaching’ style of leadership, where I help my team find their true potentials and callings in life.”

More importantly, strong leaders understand that their worth shouldn’t be determined by success or failure. They understand that sometimes, others reject them because of a mismatch of needs or timing, and that it has nothing to do with their value as a person or that they have a weak product.

Edtech Startups – 2022 and Beyond

Jin says that he is wary of edtech startups who entice coaches to design static courses with the objective to “build passive income, laments this passionate educator. “As educators, our motives are crucial and we must consistently re-examine our intentions – “Are we helping learners accumulate skills and qualifications at affordable prices, or are we doing things for our own convenience?” Secondly, we can’t deny that learners’ attentions spans are rapidly dropping. Hence, our courses must be carefully designed to be accelerated, practical, impactful and effective. We address these needs by collaborating with international accreditation organizations to endorse our courses and to equip our learners with micro-credentials.

The Success Mantras

“I think that leaders must remember that they are never alone, and that it is always worth investing resources to build a resilient and agile team,” adds Jin. “As leaders, we will inevitably encounter gaps in our knowledge or expertise, and we must learn to rely on our team. With mutual trust and respect, strong teams can achieve miracles and overcome the most daunting obstacles. Herb Kelleher once said that it’s a company’s responsibility to look after the employees first. I think there is great wisdom in what he said, because happy employees ensure happy customers, and happy customers ensure happy shareholders.”

Company: ReSkills


Management:  Jin Tan, CEO

Founded Year: 2020

Headquarters: Kuala Lumpur, MY

Description: ReSkills is a global OnLive(Online+LIVE) learning platform that makes education & learning affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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