DiversyFund, Inc: Expecting the Unexpected
Craig Cecilio Co-Founder & CEO, DiversyFund, Inc

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Expecting the Unexpected

“Whenever life knocks me down, I bounce back harder and stronger. I keep going and I don’t stop until I achieve my goals “, says Craig Cecilio, Co-Founder, and CEO of DiversyFund.

DiversyFund is a Fintech company that was born out of recession. It was founded to help normal people in their time of need. By breaking down the barrier between Wall Street and Main Street, DiversyFund opens the doors for the everyday investor to build up their wealth. Cecilio lives according to the philosophy that man’s potential for growth and improvement knew no limits. It totally justifies why people call him the “Renaissance Man”.

The Pandemic – Challenges are Opportunities!

Even with the current pandemic causing losses for numerous companies around the world. By moving more processes to the digital space, he ensured that DiversyFund didn’t face much of a challenge.  By delegating to the right people, he has led DiversyFund beyond to reach greater heights and has been successful in unventured areas. Cecilio makes it a point to connect with each of the employees personally. He checks in with at least two of them each week and moves on to others in the following weeks. He also holds a “Wednesday Wins” meeting every week to encourage the whole team. It’s not just the company’s growth that he didn’t let quarantine hinder but his routine too. He follows a healthy diet by preparing his weekday meals in advance and works out regularly.

Work-life Balance

Leonardo da Vinci is a person who lived his life to the fullest. Besides being an incredible artist, an inventor, and a scientist, he worked out, drank wine, and had a vivacious life. This is exactly how Cecilio lives his life. Besides being the perfect boss, he puts a lot of effort into being the perfect Dad too. Cecilio is a father of three daughters which makes his personal life quite demanding. The youngest of his daughters is a newborn so he carefully plans his day, so he doesn’t miss out on spending quality time with her. Once his kids have gone to bed, he’s back on the grind. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a ‘Dad’.

Thought-Leader in the making

According to Cecilio, a good leader must believe in themselves and not be afraid of failure. If you want to make an impact in the world, you have to put lots of effort into choosing the right team, and the right product. To spread this message to benefit other entrepreneurs, he decided to host a podcast called Xponential Leadership. In each episode, he interviews outstanding leaders across business sectors and discusses what they’ve learned along the way. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and not to seek anyone’s approval. Through these endeavours, Craig Cecilio hopes to improve peoples’ lives in a meaningful way.

Wrapping it up

The pandemic has caused no interruption in DiversyFund’s operations. While other companies were forced to fire their employees, DiversyFund hired more. This is what happens when you focus on the silver lining. What you focus on, expands!

The first influencer in Europe in digital identity

Recently Ivan has been named the first influencer in Europe in digital identity worldwide by One World Identity OWI – a fete, Ivan felt was the result of his hard work spanning across 10 years in the e-democracy and electronic identification industries. “This happens when you put effort into things, you study and disclose dozens of works, papers, and ideas in the field with which you are related and in which you become a thought leader. Additionally, you take action and create a company that develops and patents technology and puts it to the use of society.”

Citizenship Participation through Social Networking

Iván is also the founder of Civitana.org, the first and biggest social network in the world for Citizenship Participation, ensuring e-voting is secure and compliant. Ask him on his ambitions on this and he said, “It’s still far away. They are the first steps. Civitana.org aims to drastically change modern democracies, to legitimize users and can actively participate in public life, enriching and strengthening the values ​​of democracy.”

Digital Identity Sector

Quipped him on the trends in the digital identity sector, Ivan observed, “It is not very attractive but the end-to-end digital QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) is creating a new business opportunity of 400 bn.”

Company: DiversyFund, Inc.

Website: www.diversyfund.com

Management: Craig Cecilio Co-Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2014

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Description: DiversyFund’s vision is simple: democratize alternative asset investing by breaking down traditional barriers to entry.

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