Biotechnology endorsing health solutions

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As a wise man said “Health is wealth”, but in today’s hustling and bustling life health is not kept as a prior aspect. In present life, 6 out of 10 folks are grabbed with some or other disease. Even each day is coming up with some or other new diseases which are costing life. Earlier there was no such solution for these deadly diseases but thanks to the development of biotechnology which is continuously helping medical sector to develop best solutions for these medical issues. Let’s get to know how biotechnology is creating a way to cure health issues.

Key points of biotechnology explaining the advancements of medical sector:

Biotechnology has boosted medical sector with vaccines and antibiotics which are developed using inactive or weak microorganisms. With the advanced technologies of biotechnologies even hormones can be formulated to a higher version making it a solution of various diseases. Solutions served by the biotechnologies are briefed below:


No doubt, vaccines were developed since long but the technology used for the development of vaccines have been changed and also results. If you go back to a decade then vaccines were developed using weak microorganisms to boost the immune response. But with the latest technologies given by biotechnology genes of microorganisms are used to clone it and stimulating the primary immune response.


Antibiotics are used to restricts or kill bacterial growth. These antibiotics are produced by microorganism. These antibacterial are classified on the basics of their origin. The origin of antibiotics is either chemical or biosynthetic. Such bacteria are developed into natural, semisynthetic or synthetic antibiotics.


Hormones development is done by using recombination of DNA technology. With this technology a large number of human insulin can be produced. Earlier this technology was used to treat diabetes but now a number of growth disorders can be treated.

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