EasyMD: Revolutionizing Telehealth Solutions
Nicolas Ibañez, CEO & Founder, EasyMD

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Revolutionizing Telehealth Solutions

Equipped with exceptional entrepreneurial skills along with keen interpersonal, communication, management and organizational traits, Nicolas Ibañez is a well-known name in the health industry. A passionate digital health solutions provider, Nicolas has founded a few startups including EasyMD, a telehealth startup, Co Founded NUVE a healthy food and market franchise and Fisiomed, the first sports medicine clinic In Nicaragua. Well-versed in technology utilization that helps increase efficiency, coupled with problem solving and logistics strategies, this serial entrepreneur has demonstrated a natural aptitude for stimulating sales revenue growth. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics – from founding of EasyMD to digitalization in healthcare, from how the start up braced to tackle the latest pandemic to challenges faced in the industry. Excerpts from an interview:

EasyMD – The Story Behind

EasyMD has been touted as one of the most complete telehealth solutions available on the market today, offering an array of benefits ranging from 24/7 telemedicine, digital pharmacy, digital lab, and dental services. It allows patients to connect with a wide network of doctors, psychologists, and other health professionals at their convenience. As pioneers in digital health, EasyMD aims in transforming the way patients relate and take care of their health. “We know and value the importance of your time that is why we have created a fast and safe solution to receive health care. We have two main products- the first one is a telemedicine platform where you can find any medical specialist you require and compare prices and experiences. The second solution offered by the company is our subscription base model where we offer 24/7 free doctor and mental health consultations adds Nicolas Ibañez, CEO & Founder, EasyMD.

Further elaborating on the services offered by EasyMD, Nicolas says that the startup offers health plan subscription services to employer groups, schools (private and public), and retail stores. “The subscription services include mobile phlebotomy exams with the convenience of prescribing medications and have them delivered to the consumer at the comfort of their own home or workplace. We also aim to provide a wellness point system through EasyMD to provide health incentives to engage consumers in preventative care measures.”

Healthcare Technology Innovation

Inclusivity and accessibility of healthcare are two aspects Nicolas believe, the industry need to invest in. “I believe that healthcare should be inclusive and accessible for everyone. The convenience of telehealth, digital vital sign monitoring from the smartphone camera, and many others are revolutionizing how we receive and provide care.” He adds that digital healthcare is the key to solving the high mortality rate problem caused by lack of remote patient monitoring today.

Challenges Galore

“I think there has been great adaptability and acceptance since Covid-19 came into the picture. What we have found as a challenge is the credibility for first time users, maintains Nicolas. Noting that telehealth has always had an edge over conservative medical care, he adds that patients can use the platform as it benefits them monetarily too. “I think the answer to all challenges is convenience. If we make healthcare more convenient and simpler, people will use it more as preventive medicine instead of an emergency center.”

Tackling Covid-19

“We were the first one in Central America to have all services (pharmacy, lab testing, imaging, and consultations) either digital or straight to the comfort of users houses or workplace, avoiding spread of infection.” EasyMD is also integrating a new AI solution that takes 6 vital sign measurements to help its doctors make better and more complete assessments.

Most Memorable Moments of Success

Nicolas notes that as a Latin himself, he was always unsure if the culture was ready for such technology and change. “When we started working with our first big company client, we were excited because 80% of the employees used our solution. We never thought Central American were going to accept this quickly.”

A Piece of Advice

“You never know if you will succeed if you don’t try. Failure is just a part of getting to success. Failure happens every day. You must be a go getter and be persistent. We like to focus on what we are doing and how to perfect our solution. My advice would be to stick to the mission and vision. Competition is good, it makes you work harder.”

Company: EasyMD

Website: www.easymd.co

Management:  Nicolas Ibañez, CEO & Founder

Founded Year: 2020

Headquarters: Managua, Nicaragua

Description: EasyMD connects users to health services form the comfort of their homes or work places.

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