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In what ways big data abetting the digital transformation?

One of the key factor for digital transformation is the big data. An organisation has huge data which is generated, collected frequently so these organisations are in search to adapt new technologies where the scope for digital transformation is accelerated. To digitise any organisation, it is imperative to implement useful data with specific methodology.

Big data helps enabling this digital transformation by following:

Digital marketing:  helps in analysis of customer’s behaviour and their preferences, hence market their products using big data available there by ensuring customer encouragement. Audience are being targeted on basis of data of revenues and sales of specific product. The combination of big data and marketing helps the organisation to reach various spots of industry.

Big data and 5G: digital transformation is accelerated only when there is good, fast and reliable communication networks which becomes paramount.

Recognising the flaws with big data: to yield maximum advantages, integrating big data with systems will aid in searching the loopholes where there is drawbacks in operations. Like in demand and supply chains, the big data analytics will assist to search drawbacks in the operations or in any product’s statistics which helps the brand to improvise the products and come up with a strategy to rectify the flaw in beginning stages.

Cyber security: when an organisation digitally transform they become open to malwares and cyber-attacks, therefore it becomes a threat to security systems of an organisation. So with help of data analytics and big data it is easier to find those areas where the probability is higher for cyber-attacks. Which helps to upgrade the security structure and alleviate the cyber-attack.

While big data governs the digital transformation, it could be hazardous for an organisation infrastructure too. Operations are interrupted when data is corrupted. So it is necessary for an organisation to be careful while using data for the digital transformation.