Biotechnology promoting green energy

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In the hustle and bustle of life, almost 95% folks use vehicles to match the speed of this running world. This is becoming the biggest reason for the culmination of natural energy resources. With the continuous use of natural resources, depletion is very near. At a time it was one of the major issues faced by the entire world but now with the advancements of biotechnology we have an apt solution which is not only giving an alternative to use but also helping this world in a number of ways. In recent days, biofuel is gaining a great importance worldwide, let’s get to know what biofuel is and how it is proving a boon for the mankind and nature.

What are biofuels?

As an alternative of regular fuel, biofuel is emerging in the recent days. This is made using plants and plant derived resources. This type of fuel is only used for transportation process and is derived in two types, i.e. bioethanol and biodiesel. Now let’s get familiar with these types of biofuel.


As an alternative of petrol, bioethanol is derived and it is produced using sugar. In this procedure sugarcane and maize is fermented.


As a substitute of diesel, biodiesel is produced and it is done by using various oil crops. There is a number of oil crops used such as soybean, rapeseed, sunflower seed, palm, etc.

Requirements of biofuels:

With the rapid depletion of fuels it was hard to meet future energy demands. As the demands of energy is expected to be reach a hike of 50% in upcoming few years. As of now, fuels are derived from fossil fuels. These fuels are termed to be the biggest reason of pollution and also are non-renewable with limited supply. Switching to biofuel will not only fulfil the requirements of fuels but also it is a great solution for air pollution.

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