BeSafe Group: Optimizing essential processes for hospitality

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BeSafe Group: Optimizing essential processes for hospitality

A passionate hotelier since 2006, Alessandro Bartolucci, has always placed innovation at the centre of his business objectives. To revolutionize the hospitality industry, he founded BeSafe Group, which offers a complete collection of digital tools suitable for hotel and non-hotel accommodations, developed to simplify hoteliers’ life. BeSafe products aim to optimize and digitalize essential processes for hospitality and travel. In the interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of BeSafe Rate

The primary need was to create a bridge between two worlds that didn’t communicate seamlessly before: the insurance industry and the travel market, observes Alessandro. “All this while catering to the needs of my business, as well as the overall happiness of travellers who would choose to book their holiday at my accommodations. I wanted to create a product that would secure and guarantee prepaid collections, while offering a better experience and services to guests, in a way that classic “non-refundable” rates just couldn’t.”

Insurance industry- challenges galore

Even if the demand for travel insurance has grown, the industry hasn’t been able to make any steps forward: online-user journeys when buying travel insurance are usually complicated, and often results in seeing a 10% insurance cost added to the final bill, laments Alessandro. “What consumers want is their trip to be easily insured with a custom insurance that will guarantee a refund in case of cancellations and/or unexpected events and will provide excellent customer service all the way.”

BeSafe’s services

Currently, BeSafe offers two core products: BeSafe Rate and BeSafe Pay. BeSafe Rate is an insured rate that automatically integrates into the hotel management system and allows travellers to book and insure their next trip directly from the hotel website. On the other hand, the recently-launched BeSafe Pay, the payment gateway designed for hospitality, automates the whole payment process for insured bookings. Its features allow hoteliers to reconcile payments with booking lists in real time, offer installment plans and instant bank transfers.

Leadership traits

“Firstly, I believe in sharing success with the team; I have never aspired to reach the summit of success alone. Secondly, I strive to be a fair and loyal person, for better or for worse, and I believe in honesty being the core principle for letting people trust me. Finally, I always try to set an example to my team and be a leader who motivates, acknowledges them, and makes them feel a fundamental asset to the company’s growth.”

Alessandro believes in loyalty works both ways: “I do expect the same loyalty from the people I entrust, and with that, comes a lot of support and motivation from my side. Also, I cannot stand to let people down, and I do the best I can to make sure they’re happy throughout the journey.”

The Success Mantras

“My mantras are quite simple: speed of execution, excellent customer service, and innovation. Together with my team, we’ve worked hard to transform the concept of insurance, from an outdated business focused on revenue to a smart and consumer-centric one.”

Alessandro firmly believes that just selling isn’t enough. “We need to digitalize the insurance industry. Therefore, we’re working on creating custom and user-friendly products, easy to activate, which guarantee faster refunds to travellers. We currently offer three variations of BeSafe Rate to accommodate any type of hotel’s need: BeSafe Summer, Winter and Business.”

Company: BeSafe Group


Management: Alessandro Bartolucci, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Rome, Italy

Description: BSG brings innovative tools to the hospitality industry to improve business processes to increase the hotel’s competitive offer.

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