Massive $150 Million Series E Investment Fuels Locus Robotics’ Growth Trajectory

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The E-commerce sector is growing at a fast pace and the workforce working every moment for this success is the backbone of the retail industry. With the enhancement of technological incorporation in the retail industry, the safety of the workforce has gained importance. To support worker safety, Locus Robotics has raised a huge capital scaling up the level of warehouse robotics in the series E funding. The funding was backed up by Tiger Global Management and Bond. With the rise of the fund, the valuation of Locus Robotics has reached $1 billion. The company specializes in warehouse fulfillment robotics and with every step, it is working to improve the technological use in the retail industry with rigorous research and development process.

Locus Robotics is continuously working with the various big brands like material bank, boots UK, DHL, port logistics group, verst logistics, and more, helping them in doubling their fulfillment productivity. The latest technologies assist the retail industry to enhance the ratio of safety accuracy along with the enhancement of productivity.

What technology can change in the retail industry?

The retail industry deals with multiple processes and to carry each process carefully a huge workforce is also required. For decades retail industry is struggling with the shortage of labor. The global market has exploded with increasing demand and to meet it effectively and add flexibility to the process, the industry is incorporating the excellence of robotics. As per the latest news released, Locus Robotics is serving more than 300 million units and 80 global warehouses. During the pandemic, even the need for robotics has been recognized all across the world. It is been helping the retail companies to maintain the social distancing without placing any impact on productivity or other processes.

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