Chiron AI: Developing customized data-driven solutions for businesses
Mattia, Zoccarato, CEO & FOUNDER, CHIRON AI

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Chiron AI: Developing customized data-driven solutions for businesses

Mattia Zoccarato is the lead software developer with broad horizontal knowledge and proficiency in various languages and technologies. Currently working in Data Science projects, this passionate entrepreneur is also an expert on Machine Learning and Data Engineering. He is the CEO & Founder of Chiron AI, which develops custom data solutions and predictive models to ensure your business is in front of the wave. The company combines the best Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to help organizations become truly Data-Driven. In an interview, Mattia speaks on how the company is striving to help businesses view their problems from a data perspective, understand principles of extracting useful knowledge from data and deliver the best data-centric solutions. Excerpts:

Conception of Chiron AI

Chiron deals with Artificial Intelligence for the business world, combining Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to help companies become Data-Driven. “We develop customized data-driven solutions and predictive models to support companies in making informed decisions.” Artificial intelligence is a set of different technologies that interact to allow machines to perceive, understand, act, and learn with levels of intelligence like those of humans, and this is a great help for companies working with ever larger and more difficult amounts of data to process.

AI technology – challenges galore

AI solution providers should address various challenges and risks of AI technology by implementing responsible AI practices, including ensuring transparency and interpretability of AI systems, to build trust and accountability with users and stakeholders, addressing issues of bias and fairness in AI decision making, to ensure equitable outcomes and prevent discrimination, implementing robust privacy and security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent malicious use of AI systems., developing clear and transparent governance frameworks for AI, to manage the ethical and social implications of AI adoption and encouraging open and collaborative research, to drive progress and innovation in responsible AI practices. “In the post-pandemic world, it’s important for AI solution providers to stay focused on these goals and continue to prioritize responsible AI practices in order to maintain public trust and mitigate potential harm from AI technology.”

Chiron AI solution

“Our goal is to develop customized e-commerce solutions to meet any need in order to automate processes.” Says Mattia that the company helps visualize business problems from a data perspective, understand the principles for extracting useful knowledge, and provide the best solutions to our clients. “The areas we work on are different such as recommendation system, automation system, analytics dashboard, dynamic pricing, CRM and ERP. We also developed a brand-new software based on AI and Machine Learning called Sirio that helps e-commerce owners to analyze and identify technical, behavioral and performance issues on their sites.”

Leadership traits

A visionary thinker, Mattia believes in thinking big, while setting a clear direction for the organization. He is decisive, passionate and a thinker. “The ability to see the big picture and plan for long-term success, while also attending to the day-to-day needs of the organization. I embrace failures and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and I am resilient in the face of setbacks.” He also believes in networking and building strong relationships with colleagues, mentors, and industry leaders helps me to gain new perspectives, find new opportunities, and advance in my life and work projects. Mattia urges entrepreneurs to overcome failure by adopting a growth mindset, embracing failures as opportunities for learning, creating a supportive and encouraging work culture, setting achievable goals and seeking feedback from team members. “AI solutions by Startups must be developed and used ethically, considering privacy and data security. Furthermore, it should include human oversight to address potential biases and ensure accountability. In conclusion, AI solutions by start-up should be scalable to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world, where remote work and virtual interactions are becoming the norm.”

An innovative solution for e-commerce: Sirio

Sirio is an advanced monitoring system capable of tracking the anomalies present within your E-commerce from technological, performance and behavioral points of views. “The unified analysis of all these issues allows us to identify the causes of the anomalies that have arisen and to define the missed revenue due to them, to prioritize them in terms of criticality. The strength of this technological product lies in the ability to identify anomalies of different types starting from drops recorded by proprietary tracking systems.”





FOUNDED:  2018


 Mattia Zoccarato has a decade of experience in data analysis and developing customized solutions. He started as an e-commerce developer and decided to specialize in topics related to data science, machine learning, and AI, working as a freelancer on specific projects. This decision was driven by his strong belief in the potential of AI to enhance e-commerce. In 2018 he founded his start-up called Chiron.

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