Avanza Innovations: Implement Now and Prepare Next
Waqas Mirza, CEO, Avanza Innovations

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Avanza Innovations: Implement Now and Prepare Next

For Waqas Mizra, business success lies in persistently ensuring that the customers achieve their desired outcome. Apart from implementing the best technology tools, he does this by understanding customer needs and critically analyzing their landscape. “Our customers prefer us over other technology providers due to our team’s unwavering commitment to our customers in fulfilling their project objectives,” says Mirza, CEO, Avanza Innovations.

Being an innovation-focused company, Avanza built the state-of-the-art blockchain orchestration and governance platform, Cipher, that comes pre-packaged with dozens of components and micro-services which are required in any blockchain implementation. Besides that, Cipher is also pre-loaded with integration adaptors for all prevailing blockchain platforms, thereby enabling organizations to abstract their legacy systems and ERPs from the underlying blockchain platforms.

Nothing Less than Excellence

Mirza encourages his team to study the market and have a relentless focus on excellence to triumph amidst the competition. “I have always believed that success is a by-product of excellence. As long as an individual, team or organization keeps striving for excellence, success will eventually follow, even if there are some failures or setbacks along the way,” he notes.

Avanza’s team is way ahead of the curve in terms of their competence and knowledge of the technology they deploy, while at the same time, they focus on business successes that are to be achieved by the use of a specific technology. So it’s basically striking a balance between engineering excellence and dealing with practical challenges that arise in a national- or a city-scale multi-organization project.

Being Prepared for the Future

Avanza not only aims at implementing the first use case that an organization has envisioned for its business network, it also provides consultancy services for organizations to prepare themselves to launch multiple blockchain initiatives by either championing or joining different local, regional or international consortiums and networks. “Cipher is an overarching and comprehensive framework that enables organizations to launch blockchain solutions much faster and also provides a solid architectural base for future blockchain implementations,” points out Mirza.

In the midst of the pandemic outbreak of 2020, Avanza has developed and launched a COVID-19 screening platform for a federal entity. This platform is used to manage and verify COVID-19 tests in over 80 countries. This has immensely helped to control and efficiently manage influx of travelers into the country. The platform is being used by hundreds of medical testing labs globally to schedule COVID-19 tests for travelers and to relay their test outcomes seamlessly to the immigration authorities of the country.

Future Looks Brighter  

In today’s digital information age, blockchain is definitely here to stay. For instance, the strategic national asset of a country is its critical data such as tax records, land records, education certificates, etc. If anyone wants to throw a country back to stone ages, they only need to compromise such strategic data. These data assets are too vital to have a single point of failure and a single entity ownership. “Therefore, I foresee a lot of digital assets will be distributed over blockchain and DLT networks for security and transparency reasons in near future,” says Mirza. “Not to mention, Avanza is involved in a dozen plus digital government transformation projects comprising of numerous government and private entities and consortiums that are creating DLT and blockchain based networks to interact with one another through smart contracts and to orchestrate a cross organization workflow to provide a single window digital experience to residents and citizens.”

In addition, blockchain is a great vehicle for paperless journeys of residents and citizens when they have to interact with multiple government entities to seek a service. “In the future, more governments will utilize blockchain to transform their cities and countries along these lines for individual and corporate journeys and services.” Another big area where blockchain will disrupt existing business models is trade finance and supply chain.

With extensive blockchain expertise and a grand vision of the future, Mirza considers being in-tune with reality of practical on-ground non-tech challenges, before analyzing the technology challenges, is a better strategy to build any business plan and increase the success rate.

Company: Avanza Innovations

Website:  www.avanzainnovations.com

Management: Waqas Mirza, CEO

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarters: Dubai, UAE

Description: The company that is demystifying technologies like Blockchain, AI, Smart City Enablement and Customer Engagement practices across the globe.

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