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Dan Paulus, CEO, CORE

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Transforming Public Safety Solutions

Digitization is transforming the enterprise landscape like never before. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a rapid acceleration in future-ready technologies to ensure business continuity and resilience. Many government entities are increasing their adoption (and plans) for a digital-first approach in real-time. “Many government agencies have had to accelerate their adoption of digital and customer-first technologies in just a matter of months,” says Dan Paulus, CEO of CORE. However, citizens expect more from their governing entities—regardless of their age or origin. Whether it is the upcoming generation of digital natives or more mature digital transplants—efforts that ensure a clean, frictionless citizen experience helps to maintain consumer trust. This is where CORE steps in.

With decades of experience developing solutions in revenue management, payment solutions, and citizen engagement for government entities, CORE makes it easy and frictionless for constituents to interact with their government agencies – from payment-related activities to community events. “Our journey is focused on not just providing  a modern solution to municipalities, but also to offer a frictionless end-user experience,” states Dan.

Designed to standardize and optimize revenue collections, the CORE payments and engagement platform brings together revenue and payment management, secure payment gateways, automated reconciliation, and a comprehensive consumer engagement solution, all supported by robust integrations and comprehensive analytics that drive insight into critical revenue-related workflows. “CORE meets government entities where they are and takes them where they want to be.” From initial request to final delivery, CORE’s powerful solution helps deliver a cohesive, frictionless consumer experience that automates the entire lifecycle of securely accepting and reconciling payments. With CORE, a secure PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solution, organizations can consolidate multiple payment workflows and engagement systems into a single, authoritative enterprise application. “Organizations that leverage our platform will capture revenue and delight consumers.”

For instance, a large metropolitan city in the Northeast was looking for a trusted advisor to help them deliver a modern way to interact with their constituents, as it applied to payment acceptance and back-end technology consolidation. “We were not only able to implement daily reconciliation workflows, but also enable the city to centralize the interchange that supports their payments-related data, integrations, and front-end citizen experience,” states Dan. As a customer of CORE’s for over eight years, the City has resolved their initial challenges related to managing many subledger systems for financial data, delivering a customer-ready cashiering solution (digital and in person) that integrates (via APIs) to the modern payment experience.  “As a result, we have not only streamlined processes but have helped the City in saving time and resources by delivering a white glove experience.”

All types and sizes of agencies should not just survive, but thrive, in the Experience Era. With CORE, they can modernize connected experiences across the enterprise by enabling visibility into every step of payment and engagement activities; incite immediacy by supporting anytime, anywhere access; maintain control through detailed and granular workflows. To make this possible, Dan focuses on building a team culture where clear vision and focus empowers the entire company to drive innovative, from the first engagement to every interaction. “When you foster a culture where sharing ideas, feedback, and opportunities, it drives continual innovation which pushes the organization to greater heights. As a leader and life-long student, I always strive to facilitate collaborative enquiry. It encourages everyone on the team to pay attention and uncover new patterns and details.”

Company: CORE


Management:  Dan Paulus, CEO

Founded Year: 1983

Headquarters: East Providence, Rhode Island

Description: CORE is a cloud-based platform designed to modernize revenue management, payment solutions, and engagement automation for the enterprise.

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