Akool Inc: creating a personalized Artificial General Intelligence world

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Akool Inc: creating a personalized Artificial General Intelligence world

Jiajun Lu is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is the CEO of Akool Inc, a company that aims to re-imagines the world with the next generation AI Cloud solutions. He has more than ten years of working experiences in both fields, has several media heavily reported projects, and managed several teams and startups to deliver great products and achieve great success.

Prior to AKool Inc, Jiajun has been the Advisor and Head of AI/ML at Nreal (Unicorn). He has also worked in hordes of companies including Google and Apple. He is also a visiting researcher at Stanford University and has a PLDA (EMBA alternative) from Harvard University and a PhD at UIUC Computer Science. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Akool 

Says Jiajun that the next generation Cloud service should be verticalized, personalized and user-friendly. “Thus, Akool Inc was formed to re-imagine the world with the next generation AI Cloud solutions.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) world- challenges galore

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of AI technology. However, with tremendous growth comes challenges and risks. According to Jiajun, AI solution providers should address these pain points, especially in the post-pandemic world. He recommends fellow entrepreneurs to make products that the users will love. “It becomes our prerogative that we offer solutions and products to our customers that are close to their heart and that solve all their problems.”

Akool’s AI solution

“Our solution is to provide an AI application cloud with a verticalized smart camera and AI content platform. Akool video and 3d solutions make your products closer to customers by video face swap and 3d modeling” notes Jiajun.

Smart camera solutions: The Akool Smart Camera Cloud Platform is a benchmark for Verkada and Hikvision Cloud Platform, serving customers in Europe and the US, and can access any IP camera. The platform is simple and reliable to use and can include functional modules for vertical scenarios such as shops and factories, providing customers with additional value such as digital information, remote management and digital marketing on top of the value of security. In addition, the platform can be quickly connected to most camera brands, both installed and new, creating a camera operating system that works like Windows and Android, and is efficient in the Cloud.

The company also offers entertainment packages to its customers too: Akool video and 3d solutions provide creative editing tools of face swap, 3d modelling etc.

3D modelling app– Akool 3D modeling is an e-commerce sharing service brand of professional 3D materials and design resources under akool. The main services include 3D models, Su models and other material resources, design cases, quick cloud rendering, rendering orders, VR panoramic synthesis, etc. App digital resources are widely used in film and television animation, game production, e-commerce and other application scenarios.

Face Swap: Face swap application offers faces between arbitrary faces for images and videos. This helps in realistic and smooth results and this tool is best used in advertisements and commerce content localization.

Virtual human: When avatars are no longer just pixels, they rise to be virtual humans. “We believe virtual humans have a higher calling. Our applications enable virtual humans to fulfill their ambitions of helping people. We also conduct and collaborate on avatar-based research that helps us better understand people and virtual humans” says Jiajun.

Leadership traits

A visionary, Jiajun has been an inspiring and passionate entrepreneur who loves to challenge the limit. He believes in loving things you are working on.





FOUNDED:  2022


 Jiajun Lu is the Founder and CEO of Akool Inc and works on the next-generation AI cloud solution. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, PLDA (EMBA alternative) from Harvard Business School, and worked at Stanford University as a researcher. He also worked at multiple corporations including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Nreal. He is an expert in video understanding and creation. His vision is to build a cloud that could enable everyone with advanced and easy-to-use artificial intelligence solutions.

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