Making Healthcare Easy

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Making Healthcare Easy

Digitization has crawled into every phase of healthcare. As consumers of healthcare are gaining more medical knowledge, the demand for better service and outcomes is increasing like never before; and the only means to meet this need is through technology. “The best way to deliver healthcare to all at high quality is to be preventative and reach the consumers early before they need it,” notes Tanveer Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of ConcertCare. Believing in the same principle, Tanveer founded ConcertCare with an aim to alleviate the pain of healthcare providers and efficiently improve their clinical and operational outcomes.

Recognized as one of the nation’s Top 100 Influential Thinkers, Tanveer brings two decades of successful business ventures partnering healthcare and information technology. Injecting her experience and expertise into ConcertCare’s solutions, “Our goal is to simply restore the link between quality patient care, access to care, efficiency of care and provider profitability.” Their consulting services and integrated, user-friendly technology solutions streamline and automate the painstaking often redundant tasks involved in practice management. The solutions help healthcare providers practice, regain their focus and ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Their mobile-first telemedicine platform, CareConnect, is an industry leader and one-stop-shop for telemedicine and telehealth solutions. It is a state-of-the-art, secure, cloud-based, and HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform that allows physicians to schedule a virtual meet with their patients to accommodate their busy schedules. It maximizes the number of patients seen with fewer missed appointments, which results in increased practice revenue and a competitive marketplace advantage. The platform can be integrated with a variety of EMRs or can be used standalone. “Our plan now is to develop the application for future 5G technology when it becomes widely adopted and available.”

“We create diverse, complex, web and mobile solutions to make every healthcare professional’s life easy.” For instance, NursingPal is an employee-friendly platform that provides nurses with all the information needed to provide excellent medical care to their patients. With its digital informatics, it is a cost-effective tool that is fully integrated with other core functions of clinical and information system. The time and cost consumed in patient handover and documentation process (printing and paper) can be saved using the NursingPal, ultimately leading to effective patient care. Moreover, nurses can also schedule their leaves and shift timings using the tool.

With a diverse customer base, the company’s experienced and knowledgeable software development team adds value to any business from the design of a customized platform to a mobile app. Over the next couple of years, ConcertCare wants to position themselves to strategically grow nationally and globally. They intend to grow organically and through acquisitions. “EMR companies are constantly looking for added value for their current and future clients.” According to Tanveer, “We are poised for a buyout once the market matures.” It is a known fact that her business acumen and her expertise in growing companies, managing risk, and developing international relationships are major keystones that make ConcertCare to have a long-term commitment to its clients and to the excellence of its services.


Company: Concert Care


Management: Tanveer Patel Co-Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2014

Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Description: Aims to alleviate the pain of healthcare providers and efficiently improve their clinical and operational outcomes.

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