How Retail Sector Can Hold Their Customers For The Long Term & Reduce Their Expenses?

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Since 2020, the world has undergone a lot of changes and a leap in the e-commerce sector. Where most of the business sectors have seen a downfall, the retail sector is trending with the online stores offering home deliveries to the customers. But due to high competition, it is necessary to keep the digital standards high to satisfy the growing requirements of digitized customers. In 2021, the e-commerce sector is growing to serve value to the customers, making e-commerce apps a customer-centric solution. The two most crucial elements of today’s retail sector are efficiency and accessibility.

The major challenge:

The biggest challenge faced by the customers while buying products from the online portal is the missing luxury of the trial room and the challenge for the e-commerce portal is to serve a perfect fit to their customers with the right information. The major issue which has been faced by most of the e-commerce portal is to reduce the return cost that is making a bigger addition to the expenses of retailers. The question is “how to get rid of this issue and serve a solution to both customers and the retailers?”

Let’s discuss the solutions:

A virtual trial room:

The fitting of dresses and the looks after wearing the attire make it a perfect choice for the customers. Earlier, the trial of dresses over the online platform was imagination but now with the growth of technology, it is possible. The AR/VR technologies have given a virtual trial room to the customers where they can try each element that they wish to buy from the online store. Consumers can upload their images using the camera on their device and can see the overlay of the chosen product on their image, just like a trial room. The images are pretty realistic just like you are wearing the chosen elements and taken a picture. This technology can help the customers to choose the right product and help the retailers to avoid unnecessary expenses on the frequent return requests from the customers.

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