Hut 8 Mining: Revolutionizing Digital Economies

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Hut 8 Mining: Revolutionizing Digital Economies

The newly appointed CEO of Hut 8 Mining Corp (Hut 8), Jaime Leverton, has her hands full. At Hut 8, she will work towards enabling momentum and change, while driving approach-based solutions to deliver quick wins. No stranger to accelerated timelines and critical performance deliverables Jaime has spent the last 20 years driving operational change in increasingly senior executive roles with leading tech companies. Throughout her career she has helped businesses transform operations and realize unprecedented growth – her primary objectives at Hut 8. An active mentor and a board member of the Stratford Festival, TECHNATION and the Merry-Go-Round Children’s Foundation, Jaime is an ardent advocate of gender equality and women holding senior positions at top management levels. An avid runner, reader and a loving wife and a mother, she spoke to us on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Taking Reigns as the New CEO

Jaime’s model for success when joining a new organization is having a 90-day game plan. “At Hut 8, I am focusing my initial few weeks spending time with our employees, board members, partners and investors as we work to build out the framework for short and long term value creation.” She observed that once she has created a solid, foundational understanding of the current needs and challenges, it’s time to get started, set the strategy and act upon it. Fast. “Transformations take time but when you have a strong blueprint in place you can start to make real progress. At Hut 8, it’s important to me to be able to show an immediate difference in approach and deliver on quick wins to enable momentum and change.”

Blockchain Technology – The Business of Change

Blockchain technology is creating an opportunity to put people at the center of power with respect to their data, according to Jaime. “I’m in the business of change. Much of my work is about transforming organizations. It’s what I do, so, I am naturally drawn to innovation and technology with the power to reinvent the way we operate on a large scale.”

As one of the biggest innovations of our century, blockchain technology is growing in popularity and becoming more refined. New applications for the tech have taken shape. “At Hut 8, part of our mandate will be to help inform and educate people about the value of digital economies because we see a lack of understanding of this evolutionary technology as one of the major barriers we are tasked with overcoming.”

Future of Blockchain Technology

“There is no ceiling to this space, and the potential to evolve is limitless. There is only as much competition as the market can accommodate and I see this as a strength. It’s within the pressure of competition that great innovation often flourishes,” adds Jaime.

Challenges Galore

Jaime laments the lack of understanding by the masses as one of the key challenges of being in a Bitcoin Mining Operation industry. “Most people aren’t sure about what Bitcoin really means and how miners fit into the blockchain ecosystem in a way that can be valued. One of my goals as CEO of Hut 8 is to help expand the understanding of the space and our importance as one of North America’s largest publicly traded Bitcoin Mining company within it.”

Synergizing Blockchain and Technology Sectors

Jaime considers blockchain a part of the technology sector and not independent from one another. “This again, is one of my priorities at Hut 8. We want to help people understand the value and enormous potential of blockchain and Bitcoin mining as a part of our future and as a permanent part of our technology sector.”

Government’s Role in Promoting Crypto Currency

“I think early adopters and critics are to be expected when it comes to any transformational technology. Big shifts in our approach to systems that are deeply integrated into society and what society knows and clearly understands, don’t happen overnight” observes Jaime. She adds that the industry is in its novice stage and she wants to look at 2021 as an opportunity and a critical moment for increased global governmental support of this space.

Proudest Professional Moment

Jaime notes her proudest professional moments came from the relationships she has built and the support she’s consistently received from her network and from the broader industry. “Every time I take on a new challenge, I feel fortunate to have a vast network of support and teammates working with me. When people choose to work with me for a second, or even a third time it is truly my greatest source of professional pride.”

Company: Hut 8 Mining Corp


Management: Jaime Leverton, CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario

Description: Hut 8 Mining is a cryptocurrency mining and Blockchain infrastructure company.

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