VM Doc: An Entrepreneur with a Purpose
Dave Anderson, President and CEO, VM Doc

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An Entrepreneur with a Purpose

Adding value to a customer’s business has always been a driving factor for Dave Anderson to climb up the ladder of entrepreneurial success. He finds ways to create and deliver new products and services that add business value to his customers; he also believes this can be delivered at its best in startups. During his entrepreneurial journey, Anderson spent much of his career at birth-stage and early-stage startups, bringing new products to market and growing revenue. He co-founded two technology companies, and most recently, founded and ran an enterprise performance analytics software company.

As a business management and strategy expert, Anderson has always been an entrepreneur with a purpose. “My ambition is to continuously challenge myself to think bigger, bring more diverse beliefs, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to the team in designing a better product through a strong organizational culture. By this, our customers will find us invaluable in helping them build a better business of their own.” It is this very principle that he brought to VM Doc a few months ago as he became the President and CEO of VM Doc—a telehealth company that enables faster and more efficient delivery of care.

Being an optimistic person by nature, Anderson believes that entrepreneurialism can be quite challenging. “But if you’re passionate about what you are creating and delivering value to your customers and you lead with an open mind, chances are you’ll be happier and more successful in achieving your dreams.”

Issues in Digital Health and VM Doc Solution

According to Anderson, the digitization of healthcare over the last 10 years has had unintended consequences to both doctors and patients. Doctors are forced to use unintuitive software systems to manage patient data, causing them to spend more than 50 percent of their time clicking and scrolling through poorly designed software rather than treating patients. Additionally, patients are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the treatment experience, and “physician burnout” has become a real problem. This is where VM Doc simplifies and enhances the delivery of care across the community of providers and patients that improves the health journey and outcomes for patients.

The company aims at bringing a solution that every doctor can use to remove the burden of today’s current healthcare systems and simplify how doctors access and monitor and share patient data with other doctors even outside of their own network. Patients can also use VM Doc’s health passport app to manage how they receive care when, where, and how they want, based on their lifestyles and needs.

Benefits of Digital Health 

Having worked on technology solutions that have had great impact in helping people and companies understand the context of data in new ways, Anderson aims at making more effective business decisions. “For instance, digital health has always been a perfect application of this to help consumers and health providers use technology to personalize and improve their health journey. I have personally seen the benefits of digital health solutions that have directly improved the health of family and friends over the years.” This experience has also helped him better understand customer-centric needs and capabilities that make enterprise solutions effective within digital health and how this can be very beneficial if these are brought together in the right way.

Anderson looks at the future with much confidence and greater purpose. The next evolution of digital health solutions will help align the delivery of care in a simple, yet dynamic way across the community of patients, doctors and health providers. They will also be equipped to identify and manage prescriptive behaviors that can improve patient heath and reduce re-admittance and lower a doctor’s operational costs. “I believe VM Doc is strongly positioned to deliver on this opportunity,” he deems assuredly.

Company: VM Doc

Website: www.vmdoc.com

Management: Dave Anderson, President and CEO

Founded Year: 2013

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Description: VMDoc is the leading telehealth and patient care management solution that works around the patient’s life to simply deliver and manage health and wellness care anytime, anywhere, from any provider.

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