Easypromos: High-Quality Customer Support At All Times
Carles Bonfill, Co-founder & CEO, Easypromos

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High-Quality Customer Support At All Times

In a highly digitized economy, personalized and speedy customer service is a must. Companies are now heavily investing in the technology and systems to advance the efficacy of personalization and eventually increase their business value. “It is integral to give high-quality individual attention to every client and understand their needs. Moreover, customers need to feel accompanied when working with a company’s product,” says Carles Bonfill, Co-founder & CEO of Easypromos—a complete self-service platform with highly personalized customer support, providing gamified and interactive marketing solutions.

A SaaS company, Easypromos is keen on providing superior customer service at all times. “We talk with our clients, we see and analyze their campaigns, and help them with anything they need. This form of active listening has enabled us to identify aspects that needed improving in order to meet the needs of our customers as well as solve any difficulties they may encounter.”

The SaaS platform for gamified campaigns

Easypromos is focused on helping companies attract more customers, drive sales, and retain clients through gamified campaigns such as entertaining games, prize wheels, winning moments, raffles and many more contests. Marketing professionals turn to the platform to launch interactive campaigns for their audiences, clients, and social media followers. “Our core business is based around digital marketing promotions like giveaways, contests, mini-games, coupon distribution, and questionnaires,” points out Carles. However, these applications are not only used for generating promotional actions for external audiences but are also becoming tools to boost employee engagement and train the brand’s internal users, especially now when many of them work remotely as they need the sense of belonging like never before.

The concept of active listening

Carles follows the concept of active listening to customers. He believes by being prepared to listen to customer needs and evaluate them, companies can have a constant indicator of their vitality. With the incorporation of the online chat, Easypromos has been providing this service for nearly a decade. It allows them to provide individualized attention. “In order to provide such high-quality support, the customer support team must be 100 percent familiar with the platform. Our agents have a continuous training plan in order to be up to date with the platform as well as digital marketing tools and trends,” states Carles. Additionally, quick response is also crucial for excellent customer experience. The company also gives key importance to internal tools that allow the automation of processes.

Another important key is that the sales, customer support, tech and marketing teams must have a real and permanent relationship. Online tools like a corporate chat, email employer list, and other channels and actions (team building activities and events) are essential to fulfill this purpose.

The specialties

Apart from outstanding customer service, Easypromos gives a full commitment to protecting the data that they store. “We over-invest in our security management system.” Currently, this is the major requirement of all brands when looking for a vendor. At the same time, they prioritize any task related to improving the robustness of the product. “We offer more functionalities and possibilities than other platforms. Our experience, talent, efficiency, and passion make our product a spearhead in the market of digital contests and promotions, even during desperate times,” says Carles.

For instance, in 2017, Easypromos adapted gamification solutions in their platform. They developed reliable technologies for entertainment marketing, seeing brands are constantly looking for ways to entertain clients and generate engagement. Interactive campaigns and fully customizable games provide that option. In 2020, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for entertainment marketing multiplied. “Luckily, we had reliable and secure technology to provide on-demand solutions,” he concludes.

Carles Bonfill

Company: Easypromos

Website: www.easypromosapp.com

Management:  Carles Bonfill, Co-founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2010

Headquarters: Girona, Girona

Description: Easypromos is a global leader in digital promotions offering a self-service, easy-to-use platform to create and manage digital campaigns seamlessly across any social media network or device.

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