WeRecover: Creating impeccable recovery experiences
Maximillian Jaffe, Co-Founder, WeRecover

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Creating impeccable recovery experiences

“I consider myself to be a pitbull that just won’t quit,” says Maximillian Jaffe, Co-Founder & COO WeRecover. The company provides a transparent search engine service for addiction treatment resources. Flaunting a blend of curiosity, tenacity, and stamina in the right proportions, Jaffe is a strategic leader in the making. Jaffe’s attitude towards leadership is profoundly inspiring as he believes in surrounding oneself with the most intelligent people who have the intense potential to breathe life into their ideas. He believes in paying equal attention to speed and direction as speed in the wrong direction is a killer for any early stage company.
Nudged by personal dismay 

WeRecover was born due to a visceral personal experience Jaffe had when he was trying to get his sister into rehab. “The process to get her admitted into the appropriate care was one of the most tumultuous nightmares of my life,” says Jaffe. The experience inspired him to build a platform to get the appropriate help with ease and hence WeRecover was born as a product of passion and tenacity. “Dealing with life and death situations is scary enough.  The added stress of trying to deal with inefficient healthcare processes and confusing costs shouldn’t be an added stressor,” says Jaffe.

Cusp of a Paradigm shift

Digital transformation is making significant strides in the healthcare industry and Jaffe desires to make the most of the opportunity. According to Jaffe, advancements in big data, mobile workforces, and innovation in pricing models are all laying the groundwork for a massive shift in how healthcare services are rendered and solicited. However, there is a lack of a standardized lexicon between payers, providers, and disparate technology vendors on the other side of the coin- which has now become one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry. Also, the providers need to be equipped with simple user interfaces to identify options that meet both the clinical and financial needs of the patient.

Transparency is imperative

Transparency is unarguably one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry. Jaffe feels that there are colossal amounts of gaps in terms of how things are diagnosed by clinicians, how that gets coded into billing workflows, and ultimately how that gets translated into patient financial responsibility.  If we move towards a world where costs of healthcare services and reimbursements are clearly understood upfront and in an automated fashion, this would result in meaningful innovation across healthcare verticals. The key players of the healthcare ecosystem would be equipped to decrease costs and increase the quality if the variables were better understood and made more transparent.

Making everyday a Heyday

To Jaffe, success is about making care accessible. He considers helping an emotionally run-down mother of three, who were all addicted to heroin, as one of his most successful moments. WeRecover helped get all three of her children into different rehabs. They are now happily reunited family and Jaffe expressed that he is still in touch with them.  Success is possible with the right help.

Company: WeRecover

Website: www.werecover.com

Management: Maximillian Jaffe, Co-Founder & COO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA

Description: WeRecover automates the process of finding the right addiction treatment program by streamlining care navigation, seamlessly integrating patient communication, and curating matches between patients and providers using a proprietary algorithm.

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