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We are in the era where a blanket of technologies is being unfolded, that is being used in different ways in daily lives, on which we indirectly rely. As technology evolves, the progress of mankind also varies in parallel with this. Since it is a major part of many businesses, manufacturing units, it is critical for the government of any country too.

Many government organizations make use of advanced technology effectively and efficiently to improvise the services they offer to citizens, also streamline their processes, and many other tasks.

  • Artificial intelligence also analytics help government to able to know the issues of common people and able to cater services. This is possible by studying the interaction of citizens with digital websites, information thus extracted can be scrutinized using AI also analytics tools.
  • IoT is most common technology implemented in most of the fields these days so this technology is effectively and efficiently explored and enforced in many areas like smart city project where IoT sensors are used that offers information in real-time, aids the decision making process. Other areas like waste management, smart parking also can be monitored by IoT technology.
  • Surveillance throughout the pandemic, many public also government organizations have incorporated location intelligence to trace the positions of employees. Smartphones play a crucial role to achieve the aim of adopting this technology also proved vital in this situation. Example being, Aarogya setu application by the Indian government with aim of contact tracing.
  • Geo-fencing is another technology that monitors the suspected person with infection and ensuring their quarantine, officials are alerted with this if a person goes beyond his designated boundaries.

Technologies are the contributors that are adding value to many government decisions which enhances the productivity and efficiency in public sector units as well as government units.

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