Sterile Geeks VR: Creating cutting edge Mixed Reality (MR) technology for healthcare
Scotty Jones, CEO, Sterile Geeks VR

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Sterile Geeks VR: Creating cutting edge Mixed Reality (MR) technology for healthcare

Scotty is a highly skilled surgical instrument repair specialist. He is also an entrepreneur skilled in MedTech, Logistics, and Cybersecurity. His strong leadership experience in medical devices, medical/surgical equipment, and repair, has helped him carve a niche in the health industry. He is the CEO of Sterile Geeks VR, a consulting firm specializing in providing solutions for several industries including healthcare, Virtual Training Development, Computer Software Design, IT/Cybersecurity. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Sterile Geeks VR

“Constant staff turnover, lack of consistency in continued education and training within healthcare have always been issues. I created Sterile Geeks VR with the premise of introducing virtual & augmented reality solutions to improve these processes regardless of specialty, regardless of where you are globally” observes Scotty. He is confident that this will improve overall patient care and safety. With over 30 years of experience in the surgical specialty, much of the firm’s focus has been on this industry.

Healthcare sector- challenges galore 

Scotty cites the example of telemedicine that has been around for years however it has exploded since the pandemic. This has been hugely beneficial for both the patient and the provider as it makes the patient care experience more efficient and convenient for both. Extended technology (XR) is following the same path as many specialties within healthcare are developing solutions that are taking patient care and safety to the next level. “As a technology innovator, it will continue to be up to people like me to develop novel approaches to keep up with the demands as medicine expands deeper into health tech ingenuity. It is crucial to stay plugged in, constantly research, and watch trends to stay ahead of the curve.”

STEAMVision® – the augmented reality-based concept 

STEAMVision® is Sterile Geeks VR’s current technology that is in the final stages of development. It introduces MR to a vital industry, Sterile Processing – one of the most critical departments in hospitals and surgery centers globally. This department is responsible for the disinfection and sterilization of every piece of equipment and surgical instrument used on a daily basis. “Unfortunately, these departments are highly stressed and poorly rewarded, creating an industry that has tremendous turnover and burnout” adds Scotty.

Documented issues have ranged from costly operating room delays due to worker errors, to the total shutdown of operating rooms from issues with the sterilization of critical equipment not performed properly. We have developed a solution using the Hololens 2 headset that will provide critical content to assist, train, and educate these professionals regardless of their skill levels. This will allow a brand-new technician to be productive immediately while allowing managers and training staff the flexibility of guide/train from a remote location. The beauty of using Mixed Reality (MR) versus Virtual Reality (VR) is the user will be able to utilize the technology in conjunction with their current work environments, greatly improving daily productivity and consistency. Sterile Geeks VR was recently awarded a SBIR Phase 1 grant of nearly $255K from the National Science Foundation to continue R&D of the STEAMVision® concept.

Leadership traits 

“I think being a veteran of the United States Air Force has greatly influenced my leadership style. Communication is key to being an effective leader and I feel it’s important to listen as much as you talk to those on your team. I’ve always held myself accountable and responsible for my actions and as a result, I expect the same for those that work for me.”

Scotty recommends that entrepreneurs surround themselves with genuinely good people who believe in them. “You should always be on the lookout for market trends and demand. If you stay connected and focused in these areas, you should be very consistent in developing solutions that will always be novel and timely.”

Success mantras 

“After being in the surgical industry for over 30 years, I’ve worked in sterile processing departments, as a scrub tech in the OR, and in a sales representative/consultant role. I’ve worked in almost every state in the country. Many people I’ve worked with through the years are still good friends today. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is if you treat everyone with kindness and respect, you will never lose them as a friend. I use that same mantra to achieve success in business as well.”

Company: Sterile Geeks VR


Management:  Scotty Jones, CEO

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarters: Jacksonville , FL

Description: Sterile Geeks VR specializes in development of mixed reality based solutions for Healthcare and Cybersecurity industries

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