AxonJay: Predicting companies’ true behavior in real-time
Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens, FOUNDER & CEO, AXONJAY

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AxonJay: Predicting companies' true behavior in real-time

A passionate Ornithologist, Jean-Philippe believes in creating synergies between nature and data science technology. On a mission to disrupt the world with sustainable human/environment approaches, this passionate entrepreneur is a trendsetter in a post-pandemic company era. He is the founder and CEO of AxonJay, an AI tech company that develops a trailblazing and unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, which reveals and predicts companies’ true behavior in real-time. AxonJay is a pan-European disruptive start-up with remote virtual offices in Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Ljubljana Copenhagen Frankfurt and Milan.

In an interview, Jean-Philippe speaks on an array of topics. except:

Conception of AxonJay

Jean-Philippe says that he is on a mission to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) more accessible and easier to use for any business. “We intento to bring a new way of doing business and look at nature to inspire the science we use to help the market and thus bridge the digital gap”. We are on a mission to democratize AI on a global scale.

AI technology – Challenges galore

Jean-Philippe suggests that AI solution providers should address certain pain points, especially in the post-pandemic world.  “A new economy is rising by giving access to consumers and businesses to all kinds of technology anywhere and when they need it. AI will/is playing a crucial role in making this possible.” It will change dramatically the economy creating a new Digital Gap – companies using AI and the ones who don’t. AI will not replace you, but you will be replaced by a person using AI.

AxonJay – Providing the ultimate AI solution

AxonJay uses Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection in its state-of-the-art Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ (Self-ML). “The multi-award-winning Self-ML Platform™ learns and then reinforces what’s relevant while less relevant information fades out. In short, we are inspired by the 4/5-billion-year-old evolutionary algorithm we call earth. You rate the quality of the intelligence you receive and the unique AxonJay Self-ML Platform™ ends up providing exactly the information you need to drive your business” adds Jean-Philippe. The Axon Self-ML Platform™ is designed to handle end to end products (apps) per sector faster, more accurately and more efficiently than any other AI tool and is the next step beyond traditional Machine Learning.

Leadership traits

“We are a tribe and have embedded a completely new way of working (post-Pandemic) by building a next generation company.” Hordes of employee-engagement and thought leadership strategies the company has embarked upon in a post-Covid era. Few of them include unlimited holidays policy (if tasks are completed), working across Europe, inclusive work environment, guided meditations and Insightful Fridays (focused on personal growth), creating awareness of collective consciousness, exclusive art experience, building leading edge technology with a higher purpose etc.

Jean-Philippe believes in working along with his tribe and says that passion is unstoppable. “If the Tribe has the passion they will always win. He asks his fellow entrepreneurs to be open minded and unlearn and relearn. Talk about ideas with the entire Tribe. As a visionary you need to change the world but with a purpose.”

The Success Mantra

Surrounded by the right Tribe is the key, opines this positive technologist. He urges others to make mistakes so that you learn. “And the secret is all in the execution. Creativity rules the world- feeds your brain and it makes you resilient. So just look outside, since nature has all the answers. Simplify and simplify again. That’s key” he signs off.





FOUNDED:  2021


 Passionate ornithologist, creating synergies between nature and data science technology. On a mission to disrupt the world with sustainable human/environment approaches and energy of collective consciousness/open hearts. With his multi-cultured & science based & entrepreneurial business background Jean-Philippe is a trendsetter in a post-pandemic company era who focuses on unlocking the tribe’s potential and finding solutions where there is no clear path.

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