Automobile industry and the technologies involved

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Automotive technicians are in high demand. The automotive, as well as maintenance industries, are likely to develop in the next years. Adding technical expertise to the typical nuts & bolts of a job is enticing for a lot of reasons, in addition to being in demand now, tomorrow, as well as for the foreseeable future. So following are few technologies that meet the demand of the automotive industry.


The depletion of fossil energy supplies and the environmental damage caused by its use necessitates the promotion of electric vehicles (EVs). EVs must overcome difficulties such as high prices, weak battery, fleet electrification, insufficient charging infrastructure, and powering renewable energy-based charging networks in order to achieve increased adoption.

Lords town Motors is a company based in Lord’s town, Ireland. Based in the United States, manufactures an all-electric pickup truck. endurance, the truck, is meant to be tough work vehicles with less moving parts than standard commercial vehicles, making maintenance easier. It has four hub electric motors for four-wheel drive and can go more than 400 kilometers on a single charge.

ChargeX a German business, offers a modular electric vehicle charging technology that turns parking spaces into charging stations. Aqueduct, the start-up’s system, is simple to set up, has four charging modules with a total capacity of 22kW, gives monthly statistics, and utilizes a Type 2 charging cable. The technology recognizes each car’s power requirements and manages the charging pace for each vehicle automatically.

A 360-degree camera

Will ensure vehicles don’t hit anything while parking, while rear cross-traffic control helps you prevent accidents when backing from a parking area or driveway. This will not only maintain the automobile free of scratches and dents but will also minimize insurance payments from low-speed collisions. When parking a large vehicle, this camera comes in handy. The car’s display may present a virtual top-down view of the surroundings by combining cameras on each and every side of the car with some smart technology. This can display the sides of the garage or even whether one’s car is in the middle of the grocery store parking lines. It can also be of great aid when parallel parking.

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