Carestream Health: Improving Patient Care Through Medical Imaging
David C. Westgate CEO, Carestream Health

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Carestream Health: improving patient care through medical imaging

David is a passionate leader. At the helm of affairs at Carestream, a leader in developing and deploying medical imaging technologies for healthcare providers, David believes in a customer-first mentality, both internally and externally. As a worldwide imaging company, Carestream provides digital X-ray products, X-ray film, and services for the medical and non-destructive markets worldwide. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, with several locations around the world the company develops diagnostic imaging solutions that are easy to use and highly reliable.

Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of Carestream

An accurate medical diagnosis is the first step in putting a patient on a treatment plan that will help improve their health and/or quality of life. “Often, imaging is the first step to making this informed diagnosis. It takes a very high level of experience and scientific knowledge in imaging to achieve the critical balance of producing an image that has enough detail for a physician to make an accurate diagnosis – without excessive radiation dose to the patient,” informs David.

In 1896 Eastman Kodak Company, which is widely recognized for its expertise in imaging, saw the opportunity to apply its proficiency to the medical imaging market. In 2007, the medical imaging branch of Kodak was spun off to create the independent company of Carestream Health. Today, Carestream Health is a global company that provides imaging systems and services that support image capture through diagnosis.

Carestream Health’s focus on helping its healthcare customers improve patient care has resulted in many innovations and earned more than 1,000 patents worldwide. Its industry firsts include the initial patent for CR imaging plates, first DR detector, first mobile DR system with collapsible column, first digital dental detector, and a glass-free DR detector.

Supporting the healthcare industry

“A considerable number of medical imaging staff left the healthcare industry during and after the peak of the pandemic. This shortage places added stress on remaining staff and can also delay imaging exams for patients” observes David. To help close the gap, healthcare providers should adopt imaging solutions with features that make the exam capture process easier and more streamlined. In addition, radiology departments should consider imaging systems that help limit the spread of infectious diseases, he recommends. Citing the increasing cost of healthcare, he also notes the role that the right software and systems can play in reducing the costs of the imaging process.

Carestream’s core services

The company provides innovative solutions that help capture high-quality X-ray images – at the lowest radiation dose possible – that help improve clinical outcomes. Additionally, its solutions are easy to use, incorporating workflow and ergonomic features that help reduce costs and the stress on healthcare staff in imaging departments. Their Global Services Team helps its customers maximize the availability and performance of their imaging equipment. Keeping equipment running at optimum levels results in minimal disruption to patient care and a higher return on investment.

“We continue to be a leader in delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions in two critical areas that benefit patients and healthcare providers.” The first is improving image quality to help improve clinical outcomes. The second is applying intelligence and automation to the image capture process to help staff get the best possible image the first time and help reduce the heavy workload of the radiology department.

Leadership traits

“Achieving success requires multiple leadership traits. You need to have a customer-first mentality, both internally and externally. Acting quickly with data-driven decisions is essential to responding to the dynamic needs of your customers and the market.” Doing the right things, the right way is critical to establishing a reputation of quality, care, and integrity. Also, it is important to hold yourself to the same expectations you have for your teams, according to this leader.

“Have the drive to find existing opportunities or create your own, the knowledge to make decisions, the passion to lead by example, and the humility to know you cannot achieve success alone,” suggests David.

Company: Carestream Health


Management:  David C. Westgate, Chairman, President & CEO

Founded Year: 2007

Headquarters: Rochester, NY

Description: Carestream is a leader in developing and deploying medical imaging technologies for healthcare providers.

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