Medical Tricorder: Pioneering a Paradigm Shift Towards Enhanced Healthcare Efficacy

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Close up of a doctors hands putting Holter monitor device on woman.

If you take a survey then five out of every ten folk is struggling with some or other health disorder and two among those are at the critical stage due to late diagnosis of the disease. To put an end to this issue, a regular health checkup is required, so that you can understand your health condition and do the needful to get rid of it. But the question is “how many of us go to the medical practitioner for a routine healthcare checkup?” Answer will be very few. To avoid this condition, several scientists and inventors are trying to develop a device which will be handy and can be afforded by every single folk to practice their self-health checkup. The device is names as medical tricorder, a portable handheld device for diagnosing health conditions within seconds. The device is not available in the real world market but several brains are working for this great invention with an intension to upgrade the medical sector.

Functions of medical tricorder:

  • Simplified way to diagnose disease
  • Ongoing health condition can be tracked, such as health rate, blood pressure
  • Complete health condition can be diagnosed
  • Confirmation of a healthy body

Work of medical tricorder:

Experts have developed a huge variety of devices to support the medical professionals diagnosing various types of diseases. Each type of disease has a distinct device and the operations of such device are known to the practitioners only. There is no such device which is capable enough to diagnose distinct types of health conditions. As per the speculations, we will have a solo device potent enough to diagnose several health conditions with a great ease. With the use of this device glucose levels, body temperatures, checking abnormalities in DNA using sensors, detection of availability of antibodies in DNA, and many more issues can be detected instantaneously without any professional experience. This device will be developed as handy as a smartphone.

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