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Simple and Intuitive Product Protection

Brandon Gell, Founder & CEO of Clyde Technologies

Simple and Intuitive Product Protection

“I enjoy driving people toward a similar goal to make sure we’re all aligned around the same priorities,” says Brandon Gell, Founder & CEO of Clyde Technologies. Clyde is a simple-to-integrate extended warranty platform that helps businesses drive greater revenue, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value. Clyde leverages technology and a competitive network of insurance partners to offer extended warranties and accident protection plans on a huge range of products for retailers of all sizes. Plans cover warranty extensions, wear and tear, water damage, and even accidents. Gell is an empathetic leader who is always working to prioritize plans that will help Clyde better serve retailers and their customers. Thanks to his efforts, expensive and technically challenging extended warranty programs that took six months to fully integrate were transformed into an easy to set up, 3-minute implementation.

Revolutionary Warranty Plans

Initially, Gell was working at a startup that was designing, building, and selling an advanced technical 3D scanner. He realized that there were no reliable online partners who offered complete product protection for businesses of his size. Gell came to the understanding that if he couldn’t find a partner, there were likely hundreds of other online retailers who were facing the same hindrances. The lack of warranty was not only damaging such online stores’ credibility, but it also diminished a passive revenue stream for them. Thus, the seed of the idea that grew into Clyde was born.

Gell and his team created a platform that allows retailers to launch, manage, and drive profit and loyalty with an extended warranty platform. Clyde’s platform has proven to be successful in both enterprise organizations that are looking to level up their existing programs, and with smaller retailers who were previously unable to offer extended warranties. An increasing number of retailers, including those from emerging D2C brands and well-established organizations, are placing their trust in the Clyde platform.

Transparent and Hassle-Free

Consumers can simply add Clyde to their e-commerce order to extend the product manufacturer’s warranty and cover it from accidents and damage. Retailers get access to rates that are typically reserved for Fortune 10 companies, a platform to manage their program, and a performance that exceeds, by more than 4x, the industry standard. Consumers, in turn, get transparent and easy to understand terms and conditions, a dashboard to manage their contracts and add protection to orders they initially didn’t add to, and even get instant adjudication and resolutions.

Faster Resolutions

The main challenge in the insurance industry today is that there is not enough emphasis on the customer experience, especially in the extended warranties space. Consumers often view extended warranties as a scam due to past negative experiences. “Our mission at Clyde is to re-shape the extended warranty experience for both retailers and consumers,” says Gell. Clyde has made warranties simple to purchase. Terms and conditions are stated clearly, and the majority of claims are instantly adjudicated. Clyde’s platform offers auto-adjudication, or real-time claims decisions, as well as multiple options for claims payouts. “Our models no longer need to be based on age-old constructs—better technology helps retailers and insurance companies to better serve the customer,” states Gell.

One-time Buyers into Lifelong Customers

Clyde strives to offer every customer peace of mind. Clyde’s competitive rates and seamless purchasing experience ensure that they can confidently buy and use the things they love know they are covered if anything goes wrong. With Clyde, the claims process is simple. Even non-tech-savvy folk will find it easy to access and navigate through a personalized customer dashboard. The Clyde dashboard lets customers view contracts, file pre-filled claims, buy additional coverage, and receive real-time transparency for any claims submitted. Clyde’s reliable, easily navigable product protection plans drive brand loyalty. This turns one-time buyers into lifelong customers by increasing customer confidence in the brand’s products and services.

In-Depth Analytics

The Clyde platform’s benefits extend beyond buyers. For retailers, Clyde’s customizable platform seamlessly integrates with checkout options both online and in-store. Clyde provides in-depth analytics on contracts sold, revenue earned, and product value covered. Clyde’s merchant partners see higher average order values, increased revenue, and happier customers as a result of offering product protection through Clyde.

A Win-Win for Consumers and Retailers Alike

Clyde also houses an autopilot option that can automatically optimize pricing to increase conversations and margins. The platform builds on the best practices learned from Clyde’s myriad of merchant partners. Retailers also have the flexibility of managing the Clyde integration through a hands-on or hands-off approach according to their needs and preferences. The bottom line is that Clyde ensures a win-win for both retailers and consumers. It empowers customers to manage their products’ lifecycles and empowers retailers to capture sales from broken products and drive up their AOV and margins.

Proven Wins

One of Clyde’s retail partners, Chili Technology, was looking for ways to improve the customer experience and drive profitable growth. Clyde was able to launch an extended warranty program within days. Kate Albers, E-Commerce Manager at Chili, stated that their partnership with Clyde activated an additional revenue stream in the key fourth-quarter holiday period. Additionally, Chili’s experience with Clyde has yielded a 29% attachment rate and an 11% increase in AOV.

Key Statistics

Clyde’s average attachment rate, the percentage of eligible orders that add product protection, is 20%. This is more than four times the industry average. This high attachment rate is possible because of the dynamic and fully customizable calls-to-action. Clyde also offers the most competitive product warranty rates in the industry.

Clyde’s retail partners have seen profit margins as high as 70% on their protection plans—protection plans are often the highest-margin product Clyde’s partners sell. Since company inception, Clyde has worked with nearly 200 merchant partners, from startups to enterprises, across retail verticals.

Openness and Learning

“I felt like I’d created something valuable when I was able to hire people I looked up to,” says Gell. He adds that even with great ideas, a successful company can’t thrive without a great team. Leaders should understand that fear of failure is universal, and that people expect you to make mistakes. The best way to resolve a mistake is to take ownership and talk about your failures publicly with your team. This creates a culture of openness and learning in an organization. Gell’s advice to upcoming startups and entrepreneurs is to spend a lot of time hiring new employees to ensure they are a good match. “My best advice is to build out an amazing leadership team around you and make sure they all feel empowered,” he advises. Gell and his team at Clyde continue to work to cover the widest range of products at the best rates and to create a delightful experience for their customers.

Company: Clyde Technologies


Management: Brandon Gell, Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: New York

Description: Clyde is a platform that connects small retailers to insurance companies to launch and manage product protection programs.


Building Resilience within Insurance Marketing

David Walsh, CEO of Visiqua

Building Resilience within Insurance Marketing

As a panoramic performance marketing company focused on building resilience for its partner brands, Visiqua’s insurance arm has been popularizing many new concepts within insurance marketing. While it introduced and popularized the Pay Per Call Warm Transfers, it also earned the distinction of adopting a new approach to an existing insurance click-based market and introduced a ‘right price bidding tool’  through their platform, Clicks to Convert. Clicks to Convert ensures that advertisers do not overpay for traffic in a secondary click exchange. Visiqua’s other innovative product was the launch of Call Ping Tree. Bringing existing technology focused on leads, to the performance call space. This allows advertisers to bid on and buy calls in real time. David Walsh, CEO Visiqua is an acclaimed name in the industry. His performance-driven strategies coupled with technological innovation has helped him drive companies towards transformation and growth. Excerpts from an interview with David:

Pay Per Call Warm Transfers

David notes that warm transfers are part of the larger customer journey and understanding that picture is key to success. He added that new telephony tools and data resources have been introduced recently and that they enabled Visiqua to understand more about a call and caller prior to accepting the transfer. “Today we can build a buyer profile of data points ahead of a transfer and better match that consumer to the correct advertiser, boosting overall performance. The aim is to deliver warm lead to the right buyer at the point in the journey when a user is ready to convert”.

Flagship Products & Services

Visiqua’s flagship products in the insurance space are categorized into three core offerings – Calls, Clicks and Leads.

‘Calls’ consists of a classic mix of inbound calls and transfers routed through the Call Ping Tree. This tool allows to look at a call in real-time, augment it with third party data, and then put it up for sale in an auction for our advertiser partners to bid on, explained David.

‘Clicks’ is a product that has evolved significantly for the company in the past 5 years.  Today it enables an advertiser to target in-market shoppers, to layer on additional data points to best match their customer profile to the traffic provided. This is all done through Clicks to Convert, Visiqua’s vertically relevant click exchange offering second price auction.

“The third segment, ‘Leads’ comprises of both proprietary and third-party data from our portal and a myriad of other data resources along with owned and operated websites.  Currently Visiqua is handling north of 500,0000 leads a month insurance vertical,” added David.

The launch of our portal Find Quality was a result of both the company’s understanding of the customer journey and the needs of the market itself. “FQI as we call it, internally has been a great test bed for us to launch new types of forms, test content, analyze data and even led to the formation of Clicks to Convert platform. Lead volumes vary year to year and the experience is ever changing but our focus on testing and UX has led it to be a big success for us,” said David.

Challenges Galore

“A major challenge we are facing right now is pace of innovation and how it varies from partner to partner in the call space” recalled David. He quickly added that the main challenge comes in the form of disparate technology approaches and compatibility issues, as the company is also seeing some inertia in the space with people refusing to adopt new technologies.

Effects of Economic Slump

Noting that the recent pandemic made people realize the importance of securing their assets and protecting families through insurance, David noted, “This is where the insurance sector steps in, and where we have seen a shift in the market. With this change in climate the insurance sector can absolutely gain. From life and home insurance early in the pandemic to today. Open Enrollment is here, this is the perfect time for advertisers to get in front of users who are looking for new coverage, have had a major life event, or are looking to switch.”

A Parting Thought

“For me, and for Visiqua, this year has really boiled down to executing on our vision, We have worked to evolve and advance our technology solutions to better understand the customer journey, while engaging that customer journey at the right time. Visiqua continues to convert people and improve yield/conversion for our partners,” signed off David.

Company: Visiqua


Management: David Walsh President

Founded Year: 2015

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Description: Visiqua is a panoramic performance marketing company hyper-focused on producing quality results for our partner brands, agencies, and clients.

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Withstanding the Digital Unknown

Sidd Gavirneni, CO-Founder & CEO of Zeguro

Withstanding the Digital Unknown

Zeguro is a pioneer in insurtech. It was the first to combine cybersecurity and cyber insurance. Today, Zeguro is a holistic cyber risk management platform. It protects organizations from cyber risks, mitigates those risks, and reduces the loss businesses suffer when they are attacked. “When we founded Zeguro, we knew there was an opportunity to improve the customer experience around cybersecurity and cyber insurance. But we also knew we’d only get it right if we aligned ourselves to the needs of our customers,” says Sidd Gavirneni, Co-founder and CEO of Zeguro. Having lived in multiple countries and being exposed to their rich cultures, Gavirneni was insistent on building a diverse team from the start. “It’s no secret: diversity fosters team empathy which flows into customer empathy and helps us better solve customer problems.” This founding principle has directly translated into positive results for our customers and partners.

Customer-Centricity, Always

“From the start, customer experience has been overlooked in insurance, especially in the complex and fast-changing cyber insurance space,” says Gavirneni. No question about it, there’s a surge of insurtech startups that are focused on providing an improved customer experience. However, there is still a lack of customer-centricity. Getting a quote might now be slightly easier, but policies are written in insurance jargon, unfriendly to the layperson.

Zeguro is changing all this, and the feedback from Zeguro’s clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They love the simplicity that the platform offers and, especially, that they can relax, knowing they are covered, even if disaster strikes. At its core, Zeguro simplifies cyber insurance for customers. It uses straightforward language that anyone can understand and can relate to. And it’s fast; businesses can fill out their quote forms and purchase a customized policy in as little as 4 minutes. Gavirneni encourages all insurance companies to think about the full picture: create products that customers can understand, help customers manage risks, lower premiums when risk is reduced, and use data to better understand their customers.

From Data to Insights

Insurance is all about data. Improved analytics and AI tools are helping both incumbents and insurtech startups to better understand and predict risk. “For a number of reasons, I think that the jury is still out for the use of blockchain in insurance,” says Gavirneni. There are more obvious opportunities to use advancements like machine learning. Gavirneni believes that such technology will be the focus of most insurance companies, including Zeguro, over the next few years.

Demystifying Insurance

Zeguro’s founding vision is to empower every organization to withstand the digital unknown. “This can only be achieved by making cybersecurity and cyber insurance easy and approachable for SMBs,” says Gavirneni. This is what sets Zeguro apart. The cybersecurity landscape changes rapidly, and so should cyber insurance. Newer risks must be identified and taken into account. Zeguro’s Cyber Safety™ solution for SMBs makes it easy for businesses to get started with cybersecurity. Traditional insurance providers use customer-provided data on application forms to underwrite insurance. “We go beyond that – our self-service SaaS solution tells businesses exactly what they need to do to improve their security posture, and hence, lower their premiums,” states Gavirneni. This reduced risk is a win-win for both the customer and Zeguro.

Embracing Failures

As the first company to connect cybersecurity with cyber insurance, there was a risk that customers and partners would not follow. Fortunately, the positive feedback was immediate as Zeguro’s first customers began using the platform. This was a pivotal moment for Gavirneni and his team. It served as proof that Zeguro was on the right track to alleviate an important pain point for customers.

“Truthfully, I am afraid to fail,” admits Gavirneni. However, that fear helps leaders make better decisions. “When you have a great team to depend on, no leader should feel paralyzed by the fear of failure,” he adds. His advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on building an outstanding team, encouraging them, and making sure that they believe in the core values of the company. Gavirneni and his team at Zeguro hope to empower every organization to protect themselves from cyber risks and attacks.

Company: Zeguro


Management: Sidd Gavirneni, CO-Founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Description: Zeguro is an integrated cybersecurity and cyber insurance provider for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), offering a comprehensive suite of tools for risk mitigation and compliance, as well as insurance premiums that are tailored to the size, sector and profile of a company.

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Dobby – The operating system for modern American homes.

Satadru Sengupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Dobby

Dobby - The operating system for modern American homes.

Starting with a leapfrog home maintenance product that won TechCrunch Top Pick in AI/ ML 2019 – Dobby is pioneering digitization & AI in the $16T residential property market, the largest asset class in the US. Dobby’s vision is “to become the operating system for American homes” by adding adjacent products and services including insurance.

Dobby creates a luxury experience for homeowners and increases their property value with an AI-first, fully digital, “get-stuff-done” app backed by an invite-only, high-quality service pro community.

At the helm of affairs at Dobby is Satadru Sengupta, Co-Founder & CEO of the company. Previously, as an industry GM, Satadru built the multi-million dollar insurance business at AI unicorn DataRobot. Satadru, an CSPA designee from Casualty Actuarial Society, was a data scientist at AIG, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Deloitte Insurance Practice.

Satadru is a staunch believer that communities at large should be the recipients of the wonderful outcomes technology can bring out. Excerpts from an interview:

Dobby- The Story Behind

The founding idea of Dobby (formerly, Halos) was to bring an asset-first approach to home insurance. “We wanted to build a home insurance product that not only pays the homeowner after an incident – but actually helps them protect their largest asset through regular and timely maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades.”

Noted Satadru that he was surprised to see that the current $300 billion home maintenance incumbents were using a decade-old playbook and competed as advertising websites. “There is no digital product and there is no ‘get-job-done’ software available for homeowners or service providers.” He added “We decided to build an AI-first, fully digital home maintenance solution before we add insurance and other products for homeowners.”

Technology Transforming Insurance

The insurance industry is one of the oldest consumers of analytics, data science, and AI/ ML. “In recent times, we have started to see more widespread applications of analytics and AI/ ML in insurance – marketing and distribution, underwriting automation, claims automation, fraud detection, loss prevention to name a few. This trend will continue and will touch every single insurance function.”

Satadru is bullish about the applications of blockchain in the insurance industry: “Historically, insurance has been a contract between two parties: an insurance company and the policyholder.  These days, insurers are working with different ecosystems to drive more value-added services to the consumers. These multi-party transactions create a natural use case for blockchain.”

Challenges Galore

Satadru noted that the world has been experiencing a massive technological and behavioral shift. “COVID-19 has put these inevitable changes on a fast track. We will recover from the pandemic soon, but these changes will continue for the next few decades until we reach a new equilibrium. As a result, we see emerging asset classes as well as emerging risks. The biggest challenge of the insurance industry today is how to keep up with these changes.”

According to this expert, historically, as an industry, insurance did a terrific job in a changing environment. “But the speed of change we are experiencing now is truly unprecedented- more storms, larger wild-fires, new ways of living and working in the ‘stay-at-home’ economy, and a rapid growth of new tech-driven assets (self-driving cars to crypto to commercial space travel).”

Satadru stressed on the need to understand new assets – how they are fundamentally different from the current understanding. He also emphasized on the need to adopt a similar approach to understanding emerging risks and changing customer expectations.

Lead generation to value creation:

The current home maintenance market is 10-15 years old and is entirely a lead-generation play while Dobby is a value-creation play. “We are a product-led company and have three inter-connected customer-facing products in the market right now: Dobby Homeowners App, Dobby Service Pro App, and Dobby Partner Portal.  These are creating tremendous platform-value for the ecosystem.”

Moment of Success

Noting that nothing is more satisfying than building something people love and being part of that building process, Saradru noted, “I was part of AI unicorn DataRobot as an early employee and now with Dobby, we are building a truly 21st-century product in an antiquated industry. Both are transformative journeys as we make things that didn’t exist before.”

A Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs

“Solve a real problem – even if it is small. And if you can solve a big one – do that. But either way, build the courage and intellectual honesty to validate that you are solving a real problem. Also, spend a disproportionate amount of time on understanding the problem before you design a solution.” signed off Satadru.

Company: Dobby


Management: Satadru Sengupta Co-founder & CEO

Founded Year: 2018

Headquarters: Washington, DC

Description: AI-driven, zero-touch, fully digital home maintenance platform that outsources all things home maintenance.

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