Sleepme: The universal sleep coach
Tara Youngblood, Co-Founder and CEO, Sleepme Inc

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Sleepme: The universal sleep coach

Tara Youngblood is the founder and CEO of Sleepme, a company that creates award winning technologies and apps that are changing the way world sleeps. A leading sleep authority, Tara has given a TEDx talk on the recipe for effective sleep. In addition, she has spoken for: National Sleep Foundation, Charlotte Science Museum, Wellness conferences and Health Optimization Summit. Tara is the sleep coach for the Cincinnati Reds and has consulted with the military and veteran groups. She speaks on an array of topics in an interview:

Conception of Sleepme

Sleepme is the premier sleep coaching site for finding all the tools and resources one needs to improve their sleep and restore their life. The company is also the parent company of the revolutionary sleep science brand Chilisleep (R), and its award-winning sleep solutions ChilPadTM and OOLER(R) products. Sleepme ranks no. 615 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list. “Temperature is one of the first symptoms that appears in the course of any illness, disease or even metabolism change. As we age or even navigate hormonal changes, managing temperature is can be difficult. But it is the most difficult at night” observes Tara. She maintains that since temperature is tied to our circadian rhythm and sleep outcomes, managing the temperature in bed all night has become essential to maintaining healthy sleep outcomes. Fans and AC are not enough to allow the body to drop two degrees core temperature and so most people are not falling asleep quickly and staying asleep all night. “So, despite whatever else is going on, even shift work or weird sleep schedules, we enable a drug-free, temperature management on a scale that meaningfully impacts sleep for all individuals.”

Healthcare industry – Challenges galore

“Wellness and healthcare need to be addressed at home. Time and contagion have made in -office treatments difficult. If sleep, can be amazing, people heal faster, have fewer other symptoms and have the energy to tackle even the mental health side of wellness.”

Sleepme solutions

Sleep is the foundation to healing and wellness. Our bodies are designed to manage critical healing and health while sleeping. If we don’t get great sleep, consistently, over time it leads to ever disease of the elderly. “We offer easy, drug free solutions to create an ideal environment for the body to achieve great sleep, whenever you can get it and consistent enough to deliver improved symptoms, memory, will power and reduce further injury.”

Leadership traits

“Science driven solutions encompass the best experience for the individuals. Healthcare can get results but often doesn’t consider the compliance at home. We deliver easy, consistent sleep solutions that make diet, fitness, and healing easier.” Fear of failure, according to Tara, is failure as a stopping spot not part of an endless cycle of learning, growing and progressing. “The scientific method pushes us to test and iterate. If failure is a test we can learn from, then that failure means we have a new parameter for what not to do again. Businesses fail not from one event, or one decision but from a million variables.”

The success mantra

Healthcare is still ultimately about the people we serve, adds Tara. “They are the ones we serve even when all the other metrics are fighting for your attention. If you can’t have empathy for the human at the other end, if you don’t know the why you are doing what you are doing, then you will struggle in the moments of difficulty to rise above the current situation to continue your journey.”

Company: Sleepme Inc


Management:  Tara Youngblood, Co-Founder and CEO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: Mooresville, North Carolina

Description: Sleepme develops IoT-based sleeping products and a SaaS platform to improve people’s health and well-being.

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