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Internet of things (IOT), devices and connectivity concepts on a network, cloud at center. digital circuit board above global Earth.

IoT: Giving a new dimension to the world of internet

There are billions of devices round the world with a huge amount of data stored and transferred using long tedious methods. Now all the devices available can be interconnected for data collection, storage, and inter communication between devices, all this is possible with the emergence of Internet of Things. This technology has a potential to connect all the devices using small computer chip and wireless networks. IoT also facilitate us to add sensors to the devices so as to enable the device to communicate and share its real time position with other devices without any manual assistance. This technology is bringing a perfect balance between the digital and physical world by connecting it together and serving us more efficient and responsive future to work with.

Real world devices working on IoT:

Now we are enjoying a world which has power to switch on and off and change the functionalities of devices using your smartphone apps, this all is the miracle of IoT that enables your devices to connect with your smart phone using internet. The result of IoT devices can be a simple child toy and also a giant self-driven truck that automates it’s driving along with the route and hurdles detection. Not just these elements, but there are many more devices which are a result of IoT technology and are being used in our daily lives.

How IoT works?

IoT devices resemble to the devices which are connected with the internet using various processors, sensors, controllers, and also communication system embedded all together on the same device. The major functions of these IoT devices are to function without human assistance and communicating with devices and collecting data from the IoT gateway. The data collected from all these devices can be either driven to the cloud for further procedure and store can be assessed manually by taking the input to a local device.