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Leave it to the experts: Why you should outsource your IT Support

Unless you’re thinking of ditching the computer for a chalkboard… or swapping your laptop for paper and a pencil, dealing with IT issues is an inevitable part of running a small business.

Whether it’s help with software upgrades, training, or recovering from a disaster, IT support is a service no business can survive without.

While large companies can afford to have dedicated IT staff and in-house Help Desks, it’s not as easy for small to medium sized businesses. For a small company, the costs involved with having full-time IT personnel don’t stack up.

So, what’s the solution? Do you borrow the guy from accounts who knows a bit about computers? Often, calling on other members of staff to help with IT issues or projects is counter-productive. It ends up costing more time, more money and distracts staff from their core function.

In most cases, outsourcing is the best way for a small business to work efficiently and keep costs down. Outsourcing office functions like accounting, marketing or PR is common practice, so it makes sense to outsource IT support as well. Outsourcing is the best way to manage your costs, manage your needs and keep your business running smoothly. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your IT support.


The most common reason businesses outsource their IT requirements is to save on costs. Paying an IT company ‘as and when’ you need the service is far more cost effective than the outlay associated with a full-time employee. IT company personnel are experts in their field. Tasks are done quickly, efficiently giving you, the customer, the best value for money.

Industry Experts

Perhaps you think there are better options for your office IT but don’t know where to start looking. Or perhaps you need to make upgrades to your existing office network, but don’t have the time to run the installation. Calling in the experts is the best move to make. An IT expert lives and breathes new technology. They have the knowledge to help you make the best decision on IT solutions for your business. Working with an IT company, you have access to reliable advice as well as information on what tools and services are available for your business.

Do what you do best

Everyone knows a little bit about IT. But this sometimes does more harm than good. The only people who are experts in IT are those who are dedicated IT professionals. Trying to battle your way through an IT problem without the right technical knowledge will not only take up a lot of time but will also take your attention away from running your business. Chances are, this isn’t something you can afford to do. Outsourcing your IT gives you access to IT experts who can deal with issues quickly and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

We keep up to date, so you don’t have to

IT is constantly changing. A smart business will keep up to date with the best technology available to remain competitive. An IT expert helps you identify where costs savings can be made, as well as making sure all software and hardware are up to date.

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