Embracing the Digital Frontier: The Transformational Shift from Traditional Retail to Online Shopping

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Dated back to the 1980’s and early 1990’s, shopping was a really time consuming but hectic task, when every folk used to walk into various shops to find a perfect match of their requirement, but still half of the customers returned unhappy and unsatisfied. But then a sudden change was seen in the shopping method of folks with the emergence of online shopping portal such as Amazon. In the initial days, when online portal was launched, hardly people were familiar about this new advancement of technology and retail sector. The transformation of shopping method from outlet shopping to online shopping took a good sum of years to be adopted by the folks all-round the globe.

Changes made by online shopping platforms in retail sector:

Online shopping portal started with the money transaction for online ticket booking portals. Then it grew as a platform where companies were sharing information about their products and this was the perfect motivation for online shopping portal where people can shop as per their preferences. Facilities served by online shopping portal are:

Easy money transactions:

Money transaction was one of the major issues faced by buyers and online shopping platform was one of the best solutions to such problems. Online shopping portals were developed with the most secure payment gateway that allowed buyers to make a safe payment. Earlier only debit cards and credit cards were used to make online payment but with the advancement of technology it introduced other easy options in the retail sector with which buyers can make payment directly from their bank account just by using few authentication methods.


Traditional shopping style offered only a single option to the buyers and it was to step down each shop available in their nearby locality, and this limitation of geo locations only made restriction to the buyers’ choice too. Online shopping removed the lines of geo limitation and facilitated buyers to buy a perfect commodity which precisely satisfies their requirements.


Monopoly always brings a compromise in the price and this came to an end when online portal emerged. E-commerce portals were the platform which gave place for each and every brand, each and every category to list down their products but also brought a huge competition among them. This added lots of offers and discounts making it most affordable option for shopping.

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