Unveiling the Boundless Potential of Nanotechnology in Revolutionizing the Medical Landscape

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The word nano take us to the tiniest shapes but the measurement of nano is much smaller than what we expect. Nano can be defined as one billionth of something. The measuring scale of nano is recently been added to almost every business sector including medical sector. It is allowing the medical professionals to measure and study the tiniest particles like cell components, viruses, DNA, and more. With the help of nano technology, medical sector has developed sub microscopic labs, tools, tubes and robots. DNA is the most basic element of human body, with the manipulation of DNA a number of diseases can be treated effectively by having a great control over the growth of DNA. Use of nanotechnologies is done by using nanoparticles for the treatment for which nano-robots are developed in the form of medicines to revitalize the cellular parts of a body.

Nanotechnology in medical sector:

Drug delivery:

There are certain diseases that require crucial substances for a particular cell development as a treatment of the disease, for example cancer. With the help of nanotechnology, particles are engineered which can effectively engage with the affected cells and repair it with a direct treatment. This technique is considered as the best way to treat certain type of diseases because it refrains the medication from effecting the healthy cells of the body and only work on the diseased ones to improve your all over health.

Diagnostic techniques:

There are several antibodies which are capable of detecting severe disease like cancer and tumor. With the help of nanotechnology antibodies are attached to the nanotubes made up of carbon and is used to detect the cancer cells present in blood stream. With the same technology, a device is being developed which can detect the kidney related issues at an early stage.

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