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Layla Wellness - Providing Personalized, Fertility Monitoring

With more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership roles, Lynnette Dillen has carved a niche for herself in the med tech industry. She has been at the helm of affairs at a slew of companies ranging from start-ups to mid-size to Fortune 500. A hands-on, results-driven leader, Lynnette joined Layla Wellness, a platform to create a stress-free method for ovulation prediction and cycle tracking for women. She speaks on array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Pandemic’s Effect on Medtech Industry

Says Lynnette that COVID-19 has spurred the movement of the healthcare industry towards med tech innovation. “We were quickly placed in a position that created a need for telehealth and other innovative solutions that were out of the normal doctor office visit scenario. Additionally, it has spurred interest in seeking ways to become more informed and take control of your own health and wellness journey.”

Stimit personal Ronja

Breakthrough in Critical Care

Ronja Müller-Bruhn co-founded STIMIT, a MedTech startup founded to establish a breakthrough in critical care by empowering patients to breathe. The entrepreneur says that STIMIT’s vision is a breakthrough in critical care: From mechanical ventilation to breathing, STIMIT Therapies will empower patients to breathe. Ronja believes in building an impactful business. She speaks on an array of topics in an interview. Excerpts from the interview:

Conception of STIMIT – The Journey

“The core idea was born by observing a strong clinical need. STIMIT’s co-founder Oliver Müller, a professional caregiver in intensive care, experienced the life-threatening complications induced by excessively applied mechanical ventilation,” sais Ronja. She adds that patients can lose their ability to breathe within days when they must undergo conventional mechanical ventilation processes. The possible consequences range from long recovery processes to mechanical ventilator dependencies to death.


Tackling Obesity through Breakthrough Technology

Raz Bar-On, CEO, Nitinotes, a med firm that develops breakthrough, minimally invasive devices for the multi-billion-dollar obesity market have created a niche for himself in the industry. He is one of the seasoned business executives with 20 + years of experience in guiding medical devices – from conception to production. Specializing in delivery systems, implants, stents, diagnostics, and special materials, Raz Bar-On has contributed his unique blend of technical and business insight to numerous MedTech innovations worldwide. In an interview he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Nitinnotes

Founded in 2014, Nitinotes Ltd. is developing breakthrough devices for the multi-billion-dollar obesity market. The concept is to convert laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy to an operator-friendly endoscopic procedure that reduces the stomach volume internally.

Dean Freestone

The Technology Unlocking at-Home Diagnostics and Monitoring

With a background in machine learning, medical research, neural modelling, and electronic engineering, Dr Dean Freestone is a highly accomplished individual. As the CEO and co-founder of Seer – creators of leading epilepsy diagnostic and monitoring technology – Dr Freestone is a passionate technology enthusiast with a deep belief in its power to solve critical healthcare delivery issues at scale. Seer has been awarded millions of dollars in research grants and funding and is today Australia’s leading epilepsy diagnostic service. With humble beginnings from a small office in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, Dr Freestone co-founded Seer alongside Professor Mark Cook and Ms George Kenley in 2017. Now poised to expand internationally, Dr Freestone spoke to us about Seer, its technology, and their ambitions to make healthcare and diagnostics more accessible:

The conception of Seer

Seer’s origins link back to Dr Freestone’s initial PhD and research goals, which focused on understanding epilepsy,the discovery of new treatment methods, and seizure risk forecasting.


Fostering AI-Enabled Robotics in MedTech

Aidan Foley believes in advancing the capabilities of AI-enabled robotics and the evolution of digital technologies in MedTech. He has created a niche for himself in the industry. As the CEO of True Digital Surgery, the 3D digital surgery visualization platform that helps in enhancing the surgical experience and advancing patient results, he is at the helm of affairs at his firm.

He speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

The Conception of True Digital Surgery

True Digital Surgery’s rich history started with TrueVision Systems, the developer of the first 3D digital microscope. It’s work in ophthalmology was so successful, that it resulted in its acquisition by a prominent international medical firm. “It’s work covering the other sectors resulted in a ‘spinout’ company which became True Digital Surgery. True Digital Surgery was formed in early 2019 and continues the development legacy of TrueVision Systems, designing cutting-edge technology for the microsurgical field” states Aidan.

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