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Insights On Cyber Security, Types Of Cyber Attacks & Their Effect

Insights On Cyber Security, Types Of Cyber Attacks & Their Effect

Insights on Cyber Security, Types of Cyber Attacks & Their Effect

With the advancement and modernization of technology, the threat of cyber-breaches has reached sky high and somehow we are also responsible for the growth of these activities as proper security steps are not always been taken to restrict them.

However, since last few years due to the increase in the awareness, the security features against cyber crimes has been made strong in both government and private sectors but still there are huge loopholes which is being used to commit these kinds of crimes.

Types of Cyber Attacks, Their Effect and Solution:

DDoS Attack: – Distributed Denial of Services what DDoS means. In this, the attacker takes control of several computers by hacking into the system and creates many zombie computers. Then all the systems are used together to send bulk data to any particular websites or server causing overloading and end result is slower service to the legitimate users and even complete shutdown of the website or the server.

  • Solution: – It may not directly affect you, but your system may be responsible for a bigger incident. Below are the steps that can be followed to reduce the chances of anyone taking over your system: –

 Install latest version of antivirus.

 Firewall is also very effective in restricting the generation of unwanted traffic from your system.

 Manage unwanted emails.

 Avoid clicking on links or opening attachment sent from any unknown source.

Hacking: – This one is the most common term related to cyber attacks, here someone gains access to your system by unauthorized manner. So after the access is taken, the attacker can get access to any files in the system, like private files, pictures, information and others. Installing Trojan horse allows the person to get access to your system at any point in time.

  • Solution: – To secure the confidential data and information, you need to protect your system from getting hacked by:-

 Strong and uncommon password.

 Update software’s on regular interval to protect from Malware.

 Ensure security while making internet phone calls.

 Get antivirus for additional security.

Malware: – It is the most common way used to gain access to your system or damage the same. In this process malicious software’s like Trojan horses, adware, virus and others are used to infect the computer. It is same as gaining complete access to your system as do all kind of possible damages.

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