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Secure your data with Cyber Security

Have you ever felt afraid of whether your confidential data will be damaged? If the answer is yes, you are really afraid of cyber-attacks and its consequences. These attacks are an evolving danger to organizations, employees, and consumers. These attacks can destroy businesses and damage your financial and personal lives. Hence, cybersecurity must be implied in the systems or network so that you can defend against cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity is the state or process of protecting and recovering networks, devices, and programs from any type of attack.

A strong cybersecurity system doesn’t rely solely on cyber defense technology, but you can help defend yourself against cyber threats and avoid it before they can enter your network or devices. How Cyber Security can be implemented?: As discussed above, cybersecurity is the practice of defending the electronic system, networks, mobile devices, programs, and data from malicious digital attacks.

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Secure your data with Cyber Security

With the growing need to protect data from unauthorized access, cybersecurity has become the immediate need of the hour. Every government, corporate, military, and financial organization practice cybersecurity to protect networks, devices, and data from attack or damage. While doing business, many organizations transmit sensitive data across networks and to several devices, hence to safeguard the business and personnel information, cybersecurity must be taken care of following the requirement of protection of data.

Application Security

The applications need to be protected from cyber-attacks in the process of application development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance.

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Reduce the risk of cyber-attacks with Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the practice of securing networks, systems from malicious attacks. Protecting your cyber assets has become the most important need of the hour since the attackers have become more intensive.

It protects the data and integrity of computing assets belonging to or connecting to an organization’s network also. It primarily aims at protecting the assets against all threat actors throughout the time of cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity experts aim at protecting the network and organization critical data from zero-day attacks, ransomware, alert fatigue. Basic of Cyber Security: A multi-layer cybersecurity approach is the best way to threaten any serious cyber-attack. The right combination of firewalls, software, and other important tools can help combat the entire networking from a cyber-attack. Let’s dig in some of the ways cybersecurity fight the digital attacks.


Protect your Digital Infrastructure from cyber attacks

Cyber Security is a term used to define every technology, process, and practice designed to protect networks, devices, and data from any kind of cyberattacks. It protects your devices and network from unauthorized access or modification.

Since in this tech-savvy world, where folks utilize the internet to advertise and marketing purposes. It is also the place where customers carry out financial transactions. This place of the internet has become a boon or bane both, since these digital transactions are aimed at money extortion, deleting sensitive information, and interrupting normal business operations.

Why is it important for every business?

With the evolution of new business tactics, cyber threats have crippled many organizations and forced them to shut down their operations. Since then, cybersecurity has taken the spotlight among organizations of all sizes.

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Safeguard your critical data with Cyber Security

The world is getting more and more dependent on technology. With the increase in digital data creation, every governmental or non-governmental organization stores a great deal of data on computers and transmit it across other networks.  The loss of data and any destruction or any threat to devices can cause devastating consequences to any business. Moreover, it can affect the reputation of an organization. Hence, cybersecurity has become the quintessential requirement to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information. It involves risk management approaches, training, and best practices to protect data from attack or unauthorized access.

Why Cyber Security is required?

Data breach can destroy any business to a great extent since it can affect the company’s reputation. The loss of critical data or any confidential property can cost any company’s other competitor advantage. Due to non-compliance with data protection regulations, it can impact corporate revenues as well. Let us go through the major type of cyber threats:

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The Perfect Mediator for Secured Data Sharing

With data flood on the rise, the need to securely access/share data has become a major challenge like never before. Oftentimes, IT teams spend more time in understanding requests to provide data and end users suffer because of longer waiting periods to obtain the data after they have put in a request. Meanwhile, when copies of data are stored at various positions, hackers can easily find the weakest point of entry. As a provider of a privacy protected, data sharing platform, Bitnobi allows data providers to set the rules of engagement for end-user data queries. “Our software acts as an interface between a data provider and end users in order to provide a more efficient way of interacting with data sources without giving raw data or making copies of them,” says Hassan Jaferi, CEO of Bitnobi Inc. The company is a York University startup supported by MaRS Innovation and Innovation York and their core technology is created by big data, cloud computing, and cybersecurity experts who identified the problem of data sharing while working in industry. Because their software allows end users to interact with data sources without giving raw data or making copies of data, Bitnobi is an important player in the advancement of personalized healthcare.

New-Gen Cybersecurity Ensured

New-Gen Cybersecurity Ensured

With rapidly changing customer behavior, businesses today are reinventing their offerings to keep up with the digital pace. New waves of innovation are emerging across industries. Companies are injecting technology disruptors like AI and Big Data into their solutions to obtain precise prediction on customer behavior. In the meantime, they still struggle to protect their customer data from cyber and network attacks and threats. “Traditional cybersecurity technologies only focus on real-time attacks discovery basing on signature malwares; it is a little behind in uncovering new malware or unprecedented incursions,” opines Nguyen Minh Duc, Founder and CEO, CyRadar. This is where CyRadar comes in. As a next-gen security solutions provider, CyRadar is a pioneer in developing network attack prevention and detection system using Big Data Analysis, AI, and Machine Learning. “Driven by new technologies, we solve information security problems which traditional solutions cannot address. Instead of each product applying AI in a discrete way, CyRadar has a common AI-driven platform that makes the “brain” for various solutions to combine with each other’s.

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Data-centric Security at its Best

“It will add mindfulness to the way employees perform their jobs with a security first mentality,” says Brian Arellanes, Founder and CEO of ITSourceTEK, when asked about the role of cybersecurity in business transformation. As best known as a seasonal entrepreneur and a security leader, Arellanes believes in the importance of security training for every employee at every level to protect their respective companies from any possible breach. Moreover, “From a higher level, corporations must have the right processes, tools, and awareness to meet compliance requirements for the protection of their employee and customer data.” Having an extensive experience in security supporting for large DoD secured facilities, Arellanes helped in building teams for the U.S. Navy to create software for top secret weather based war planning programs. Besides that he worked in leading financial companies where his teams won the highest level of customer satisfaction in bank history to that date. After serving in the National Security, he started ITSourceTEK to disrupt the security industry and give back to the community. ITSourceTEK is one of the first technology leaders to create and adopt a data-centric security approach and leverage Cloud to automate IT functions.

Blockchain is the future of cybersecurity-min

Blockchain is the future of cybersecurity

Blockchain is a non-editable record of data managed by a cluster of computers. The system is not owned by anyone and it acts like a democracy of data. The technology is all about ‘blocks’ of data ‘chained’ in a public database. It’s like an encrypted digital ledger that is shared among a closed network. Blocks can usually store upto 1MB of data. So if you have more transactional information, you have to store it in different blocks and chain them together. Once a block is added to the Blockchain, it turns public for anyone to view. Blockchain offers complete transparency of the transaction but at the same time ensures privacy too. This is why experts call it the future of cybersecurity. Still, critics question the scalability and sustainability of the technology. So is the technology really viable? Let’s discuss! You can connect your computer to the Blockchain network and receive updates whenever a new block is added. Since every piece of information is spreading across a network of computers, it is very difficult to manipulate the data. This is because, the hacker will have to hack into the thousands (sometimes millions) of computers in the network and manipulate every copy of the Blockchain. Not that easy!

The Growing Importance of Cyber Security Analytics

Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attacks. In a computing context, security comprises cyber security and physical security — both are used by enterprises to protect against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems.In today’s online age, the number of threats to businesses and their customers increases every day. The largest obstacle in cyber security is the perpetual security risk that quickly evolves over short periods of time, leaving businesses with a widening gap in manpower and the resources needed to protect their data. These tools allow businesses and IT analyst professionals alike to find targeted solutions for complex risks and spot trends. They also help them better understand security threats & risks before they strike. The same software also helps limit the damage after a data breach takes place. The potential of cyber security analytics is limited only by those wielding it. The greatest threat to established internet security procedures is the constant development of new and insidious malware programs and hacking techniques.

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