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Cloud-based CRM swaps servers for Google Cloud

Cloud-based CRM swaps servers for Google Cloud

Cloud-based CRM swaps servers for Google Cloud

Really Simple Systems (RSS), a vendor of cloud-based CRM, is moving its production database to Google’s cloud platform infrastructure. The move began on 13 November, the company said. Previously production infrastructure was hosted on its own servers.

The shift raises big questions within the CRM industry regarding the use of third-party servers when a provider of scale opts for an alternative like the Google offering. RSS says the move was prompted by a desire for more performance, scalability, reliability and data security.

Google is already widely recognized for its robust data security by software developers of all stripes. RSS says that by using Google servers it can free its technical team to focus on developing its CRM system rather than maintaining its servers.

“As our customer base continues to grow exponentially, we were reaching the limits of scalability and needed a new architecture to cope with the forecast increase in data size and access,” says John Paterson, CEO at Really Simple Systems.

After evaluating Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure services, the company went with Google Cloud. The main criteria for the decision was the reliability, performance and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Google Cloud has its own built-in failover designed to maintain 100% uptime. However, RSS is taking further measures to eliminate the risks associated with a single point of failure.

“We will be running our own real-time failover systems in our existing UK data centers, should Google’s internal failover systems themselves fail,” adds Paterson.

The move is significant because RSS is already a leader in cloud-based CRM services. That a company in this space that competes with the cloud is no longer going to rely on its own servers for day-to-day support will be noticed by its competitors and by the CRM sector more generally.

As an international provider of CRM systems, RSS had to take GDPR into consideration. This means it has the option to host data in EU countries where required by regulation. Google offers hosting in Belgium with failover in Germany.

Key Takeaways:

• Established in 2006, RSS provides cloud-based CRM systems for small and mid-sized businesses operating B2B. With over 21,000 customers it ranks among the world’s largest cloud-based CRM systems.

• RSS looks after customers ranging from sole users to companies with 100 users. It caters to clients like the Red Cross, IBM and the Royal Academy of Arts, and serves thousands of smaller and mid-sized companies.

• RSS says its CRM will be migrated to Google’s servers over the next few days.

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