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All About Breast Tightening and Liposuction

Women with overly large breasts can face a number of difficulties on a physiological and psychological level, such as being unable to find clothes that fit properly, permanent indentations left behind by their bras from carrying the immense weight of their bosoms, or suffering from chronic pain in regions like their back, neck, and shoulders that can affect their day-to-day living.

In these cases, breast tightening and liposuction procedures like Breast-Tite—a form of radiofrequency-assisted (RFA) liposuction designed to perform what is known as a scar-less breast lift—can improve your daily life. If you haven’t heard of this innovative procedure before, you may want to take notes, as it provides a fantastic alternative to traditional breast lift and breast reduction surgeries! Learn more about breast tightening and liposuction down below!

How Does Breast-Tite Work?

Breast-Tite uses a form of liposuction that relies on a small cannula and a set of probes that emit radiowave energy in a fashion similar to the opposite poles on a battery. A local anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated, and then the radiowave energy (or radiofrequency) melts away unwanted deposits of breast fat in the subcutaneous layer while tightening the skin above the fat at the same time.

The temperature and flow of the radiowave energy are controlled by the surgeon as they expertly sculpt a patient’s breast to a desirable and realistic size and shape, resulting in a subtle yet remarkable breast lift with no signs of the procedure other than a single small puncture wound that heals with minimal scarring.

Achieve a Natural-Looking Breast Lift with Breast-Tite

One of the best things about undergoing a Breast-Tite procedure is that no one will be able to tell you’ve had a breast lift done. Your breasts just end up looking naturally perkier as a byproduct of your breasts being freed of extraneous fat and extra weight, resulting in a moderate lift of one to two inches in height on average for a more natural aesthetic than you’d experience with traditional breast lifts and breast reductions.

Additionally, patients who opt for a Breast-Tite procedure won’t experience the same troublesome problems that afflict those who undergo traditional breast liposuction—namely, severely loosened skin and noticeable scarring that often require additional lifts and tucks in order to hide. Instead, with Breast-Tite, patients will notice that their skin feels firmer and tighter, molding perfectly to their newly lightened breasts.

However, breast tightening and liposuction procedures like Breast-Tite may not work out for every patient. A good way to tell if you’ll be a proper candidate for Breast-Tite is to examine your breasts for extreme drooping or sagging. If your breasts fall below your rib cage or inframammary line, traditional breast lift and breast reduction procedures may produce better results for your body.

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