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AgileAus welcomes Steve Denning

After a learning-packed and inspirational Melbourne workshop earlier this year, AgileAus is delighted to welcome Steve Denning back to Australia to deliver a keynote address at AgileAus18 and lead his Strategic agility workshop in Sydney and Melbourne.

Australian-born Steve Denning is the former Program Director of Knowledge Management at the World Bank, and is a thought-leader in the areas of leadership, innovation, and organisational storytelling.

He authored the acclaimed book The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management, and his latest release The Agile of Agile is making waves across the business community.

Here’s what people are saying about the Steve Denning’s workshop and book:

“Really enjoyed the live presentation of the three laws of #Agile by @stevedenning and great conversations with @petecohen on #StrategicAgility in @agileaus workshop.”
– Frederic Etiemble (@fredetiemble), Innovation Advisor

“I think the definitive book on ‘Why put yourself through the agony of changing to Agile working?’ has now been written. Super context, case studies…”
– Nigel Dalton (@nxdnz), CIO, REA Group

“Just finished The Age of Agile @stevedenning loved the latter chapters on finance – very inspiring! Highly recommended read for ALL CEOs!!”
– Nat Tanner (@natbatx), Regional Director, Innodev

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