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HR Technology Trends

The fusion of technology, organisations and HR is gathering momentum.  Globalisation and demographic shifts are shaping ‘ a new world of work’ where the emphasis is towards employees who are more connected, tech savvy, and expect services to be ‘always on’. In addition, contingent working and virtualised teams result in a more distributed organisation looking to collaborate at a pace not experienced before.

This ‘new world of work’ requires innovation from HR leaders – but it also creates the opportunity for truly high impact HR.  Cloud based applications are providing the platform for organisations to provide efficient HR processes, self-service and information.  More importantly, they are providing greatly increased flexibility to HR organisations when compared to traditional on premise installations.  It is clear that Cloud is the future of HR technology, the questions is when will your organisation choose to adopt it?

Through a combination of research, our experience and the rich knowledge of experienced HR leaders in prominent Irish and global organisations, we have identified 5 broad technology trends impacting HR today. These trends are summarised below.

HR in the Cloud
  • The migration to the Cloud has gathered pace as its advantages are being recognised – A seamlessly integrated HR/IT landscape is crucial to achieving the benefits of Cloud.
  • The enterprise market is consolidating while the mid-sized market becomes more fragmented – Carefully consider your vendor’s roadmap and ensure it supports your HR technology strategy.


  • The true value of analytics has not yet been realised in HR – HR leaders need to champion Proof of Concepts to build internal capability, demonstrate ROI and critically unlock the value of insight driven decision making.

Mobile enabled HR

  • Mature vendor mobile solutions offer the benefit of anytime, anywhere service delivery – Mobile should form part of your HR technology strategy and be a key factor in Cloud vendor selection.

Systems of engagement

  • Talent development and employee engagement have become critical business issues, vital for growth and profitability – HR technology can significantly enable your ability to effectively manage these challenges and deliver high impact HR.

HR Technology Innovation

  • HR is struggling to keep pace with the rate of change in the ‘new world of work’ as constant innovation, not least in technology is accelerating – Agility is key to remaining competitive and effectively utilising HR technology innovation to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Investment in HR technology is growing – This presents a real opportunity for HR transformation by using technology to drive change and growth in the organisation.
  • HR leaders have increasing ownership and control of their technology platform – Investing in HR’s technical capability is vital to ensuring a sustainable solution.

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