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Artificial Intelligence CEO’s


Ahura AI: Redefining workforce education with AI-driven quality, speed, and scale

Bryan Talebi started his career at age 16, working for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and is now Founder & CEO of Ahura AI which invented a technology that enables people to learn 3-5x faster than traditional education. Talebi has extensive experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has worked in various capacities with several high-tech companies. Prior to founding Ahura AI, he worked as a manager and an executive at a series of Tech  companies, including ZocDoc and Bizzabo, and as  a consultant to several fortune 500 companies where he helped develop and deploy AI-powered applications for various industries. With his deep knowledge and expertise in artificial intelligence, Talebi is leading Ahura AI to develop cutting-edge AI solutions that have the potential to revolutionize the education and upskilling industries. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Ahura AI

“We’re on a mission to transform how everyone learns and how to help companies apply that knowledge to yield greater success” says Bryan. He observes that the skillsets required to remain competitive are changing faster this decade.

Jiajun Jun

Akool Inc: creating a real Artificial Intelligence world

Jiajun Lu is a serial entrepreneur and a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is the CEO of Akool Inc, a company that aims to re-imagines the world with the next generation AI Cloud solutions. He has more than ten years of working experiences in both fields, has several media heavily reported projects, and managed several teams and startups to deliver great products and achieve great success.

Prior to AKool Inc, Jiajun has been the Advisor and Head of AI/ML at Nreal (Unicorn). He has also worked in hordes of companies including Google and Apple. He is also a visiting researcher at Stanford University and has a PLDA (EMBA alternative) from Harvard University and a PhD at UIUC Computer Science. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Akool 

Says Jiajun that the next generation Cloud service should be verticalized, personalized and user-friendly.

Petrica Ruta,-min delivering decision intelligence

Peter Ruta is the CEO and founder of, a platform that delivers decision intelligence. With an inquisitive, analytical mind, Peter understands in-depth technical and social systems as well, and his crosscutting expertise makes him an excellent entrepreneur. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Arcanna

Too many attacks to manage (most businesses focus at best on 15%), too few people to manage them (3m jobs open), and tech that increases work vs decreases work (30+ vendors for each business). The result is burnout, turnover, and lower efficacy than is required, observes Peter. He adds, this is the state of technology today and this will continue to be until a radically different approach is used which is decision intelligence.

AI solution providers – Challenges galore

AI adoption challenges such as trust, limitations, privacy, bias, scarce data, or knowledge were taken into consideration during the inception of, before the pandemic.


Arctoris: the Biotech Company Powered by Robotics and Machine Learning

Martin is the CEO & Co-Founder of Arctoris, a biotech platform company powered by robotics and machine learning headquartered in Oxford and Boston. The company has an active pipeline of assets in oncology and neurodegeneration while also partnering with biotech and pharma companies globally, moving drug discovery programs from target to hit, lead and candidate, i.e. from idea towards the clinic. Martin completed his MD at the University of Freiburg in Germany, followed by his DPhil (PhD) in Oncology as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. His goal is to bring new and better treatments to patients, by leveraging technology to accelerate and improve the drug discovery process. In our interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Arctoris

“My background is in clinical medicine — and from my own experience treating cancer patients, it became very clear that despite a lot of progress over the past few years, we do need new and better treatment options.”

Jean-Philippe M.L. Schepens-min

AxonJay: Predicting companies' true behavior in real-time

A passionate Ornithologist, Jean-Philippe believes in creating synergies between nature and data science technology. On a mission to disrupt the world with sustainable human/environment approaches, this passionate entrepreneur is a trendsetter in a post-pandemic company era. He is founder and CEO of AxonJay, an AI tech company that develops a trailblazing and unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, which reveals and predicts companies’ true behavior in real-time. AxonJay is a pan-European disruptive start-up with remote virtual offices in Brussels, London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Zurich, Ljubljana Copenhagen Frankfurt and Milan.

In an interview, Jean speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of AxonJay

Jean-Philippe says that he is on a mission to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) more accessible and easier to use for any business.

Riccardo Badalone

C2RO™: Creating a deeper, more powerful AI integration channel

Riccardo is an entrepreneur with a talent for matching technology to customer needs, and a passion for building execution teams. He is the CEO of C2RO™, a leading global provider of Privacy-Aware AI-powered video analytics for physical spaces using proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies. Riccardo speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of C2RO™

C2RO transforms human behavior into actionable data for the enterprise. C2RO ENTERA is the only privacy-aware AI video analytics solution to deliver vertically integrated AI-based journey, engagement (impressions, touch) and 100% Faceless Socio-Demographic analysis while ensuring compliance with the world’s most stringent data privacy protection regulations. Key market segments are Retail, Smart City, Transportation, Industry 4.0. Riccardo says that they learnt from customers that there is no ‘Google Analytics’ of the physical space.


Chiron AI: Developing customized data-based solutions for businesses

Mattia Zoccarato is the lead software developer with broad horizontal knowledge and proficiency in various languages and technologies. Currently working in Data Science projects, this passionate entrepreneur is also an expert on Machine Learning and Data Engineering. He is the CEO & Founder of Chiron AI, which develops custom data solutions and predictive models to ensure your business is in front of the wave. The company combines the best Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to help organizations become truly Data-Driven. In an interview, Mattia speaks on how the company is striving to help businesses view their problems from a data perspective, understand principles of extracting useful knowledge from data and deliver the best data-centric solutions. Excerpts:

Conception of Chiron AI

Chiron deals with Artificial Intelligence for the business world, combining Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to help companies become Data-Driven.

Evandro 3

DATA H Inc: Transforming science into business

Evandro Barros has always been an entrepreneur, ever since he started his first business at the age of 15 and never stopped since then. In 2015, he discovered Artificial Intelligence, a torrid and overwhelming passion, which opened his vision to the world of innovation. He founded several startups like Synkar, Mentor Mais, Mr. Turing and DATAlife H Inc. He intends to improve human life using Artificial Intelligence. He is the founder, CEO of DATA H Inc- an AI firm that helps companies transform accumulated and dispersed knowledge into algorithms, generating new products, services or improving processes. Evandro’s passion for the application of Deep Reinforcement Learning for operations in the derivatives market, has helped him carve a niche in the industry. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of DATA H

“Companies have struggled to keep up with the technology market while also wanting to innovate. For those thinking about innovating using Artificial Intelligence, this has become even more complicated in recent years” observes Evandro.

New Project

EyeQuant: pushing the boundaries of AI and applied neuroscience to solve business problems

Charles is an entrepreneur at heart. He is a pioneer of SaaS having been involved in the industry for 20 years. Most recently he has invested significantly in AI which he sees as one of the next generation of humanity-changing technologies.

Conception of EyeQuant

Charles starts by pointing out, “At EyeQuant, the business is possible because of the team of which I am part. Each one of them plays a vital role in helping us achieve our goals.

I am one small jigsaw piece and so each of them deserves recognition for what they do every day to drive us forward.

On a personal level, I’ve worked in and around new tech for a lot of my career and it always struck me that AI has a huge role to play in disrupting the status quo of how brands attract and retain customers”, says Charles.

Ilan Arbel, CEO

Herd-itt: invents remote cattle system to decrease the cattle’s Methane (CH4) toxic greenhouse gas emission by 20%

Ilan Arbel, CEO, Herd-itt: “I’m very concerned that we are facing the “Law of pollution conservation” in parallel to the “Law of Energy conservation”, and if I’m right – (hope not) the world might be in trouble if we don’t address this quickly.”

Ilan Arbel, the founder and CEO of Herd-itt, is an Israeli engineer and mathematician, with 35 years of experience in developing algorithms for AI and optimization of discrete processes. Winner of an Israeli Government Award for science and recipient of an Israeli Government gold medal for creative thinking, Ilan is at the helm of affairs at Herd-itt. Herd-itt has developed a first of its kind system, combining a unique IP and AI integrated platform with an advanced IoT Collar and drone, to increase yield and alert in cases of illness, epidemic and theft of large cattle herds. This significantly helps in saving operation costs, while monitoring the Methane (CH4) toxic emission produced by the cattle. The technology, which also assists in preservation of endangered wildlife, is targeting a multi-billion market, and is already being sold worldwide. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Amit Eyal Govrin, CEO Conversational AI for DevOps

A business executive, entrepreneur and a team builder, Amit has been managing business operations and fund raising, while steering technology companies into global markets. As an OpenSource enthusiast with deep domain expertise in the DevOps and DevSecOps segments, he enjoys the challenge of bringing a fresh and unique approach to solve market inefficiencies at scale. He is the CEO of, a virtual assistant platform that leverages conversational AI to turn complex DevOps tasks into simple conversations – powering the world of AI guided DevOps Workflows. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of

Kubiya provides a unique, self-serve DevOps experience where organizational users (e.g. software engineers), can use natural language to securely and easily launch operational workflows, all from within familiar interfaces such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, CLI, Low Code, etc. This releases DevOps from attending to low level and repetitive tasks and frees them to focus on work that matters most, such as innovation.

Keith Kressin, President & CEO, MemryX

MemryX: a new Edge AI startup that has developed an highly efficient and scalable AI accelerator.

As the CEO of MemryX, Inc., an innovative Edge AI startup founded by professors at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Keith Kressin has been a passionate entrepreneur. Prior to joining MemryX, Keith was a SVP at Qualcomm, leading a spate of activities including the Snapdragon roadmap, technologies for application processing, company strategy, competitive analysis, and more. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of MemryX

“Our team wanted to develop an AI accelerator that was customer friendly in terms of ease-of-use and scalability, while providing excellent technical metrics.” Adds Keith that the team wanted to develop a hardware accelerator that could be adapted to any trained AI software model, rather than needing to train and then modify the model to run well on target hardware. “So our focus from the start was on developing technology to meet a key customer need and hence MemryX was born.”

Rudolf Felix

PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH: Optimizing Industrial Business Processes with AI

Rudolf Felix is the CEO of PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH, a German company that specializes in developing and providing software solutions for complex technical systems. Rudolf Felix has been with FLS in the PSI Group since 2008 and has been the CEO since already 1992. Under his leadership, the company has grown to become a leading provider of software solutions for technical systems, particularly in the fields of energy, industry, and transportation. Rudolf Felix has also been involved in various research and development projects related to fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence and has published numerous papers in these fields. In an interview, he speaks on an array of subjects. Excerpts:

Conception of PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme

Says Rudolf that making decisions is crucial for successful and efficient operation in every industrial business process. Decision-making processes that are based on business goals must reflect both long-term strategies and the current operational situation.

Norine MacDonald KC

RAIN Defense + AI: Creating synergies between AI and defense sectors

Norine MacDonald is the President and Founder of RAIN Research Group, an exciting new global platform on AI and Defense. She was formerly President and Founder of The International Council on Security and Development (ICOS), an international security and development think tank founded in 2002. Ms MacDonald is a former Distinguished Research Fellow for National Defense University in Washington and a graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management program in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In an interview, she speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of Rain Research Group LLC

For Ms Norine MacDonald it is clear that the business of war is being overtaken by the advent of AI, and a competitive and fast-moving global environment. Western governments need to be competitive with other countries, primarily China, that have been investing heavily in the sector.

Ron Dembo CEO-min

Riskthinking.AI: making the world climate-ready

Dr. Dembo is a successful academician, an entrepreneur and a consultant to some of the world’s largest corporations and banks. He has had a distinguished academic research career as a professor of Operations Research and Computer Science at Yale University and as well as a visiting professor at MIT. He was the Founder and CEO of Algorithmics Incorporated growing it mostly organically to become the key supplier of Enterprise Risk Systems to 70% of the top hundred world banks and four out of five of the top insurers. He is the Founder and CEO of riskthinking.AI, the globe’s first company to develop an enterprise-grade platform for the measurement of climate financial risk.

Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Dembo:

Conception of riskthinking

Climate Change is the key challenge of our times. It affects our world, every country, all facets of society, observes Ron.

Vienna, Austria. Yvonne Hofstetter, German Mathematician, TERAMARK Technologies.

Hedging Corporate Currency Risk gets a Boost with 21Strategies

An effective team player, with varied experience in distributed intelligent systems, international corporate law, compliance/tax law and accounting, Yvonne Hofstetter has been a trend setter in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). An ardent reader, Yvonne is also a published author. Her best-selling non-fiction books on the political impact of AI, including the End of Democracy, the Invisible War, and They know everything earned her some rave reviews.

Her in-depth operational skills with operating autonomous algorithmic trading systems for international currency markets, coupled with expertise in currency exposure management, has given her an edge in the industry.

As an industry expert, Yvonne believes that Next-gen AI is a cognitive machine which is able to autonomously make optimal decisions in complex situations.  As the CEO & Co-Founder, MD, 21strategies GmbH, a B2B deep tech company, she is at the helm of affairs. She speaks on an array of topics – from the growth for enterprises across industries to AI’s impact on hedging corporate currency risk, from the conception of 21strategies to the pandemic effect on the industry. Excerpts from the interview:

KRNR main

Marketing Data Science Company Drives Data Management for Customers

Gerhard Kürner founded, a first party-driven digital marketing and customer data company, which aims at improving customer journey through AI-supported data products and automated marketing solutions.. As a serial founder, who comes from an entrepreneurial family, Gerhard has been involved with digital processes since the 1980s. With his companies he works with international B2C and B2B brands as well as start-ups in the technology sector. The data-based marketing expert received numerous awards including the ‘Caesar’ advertising prize for the best campaign, the Digital Communication award etc. In an interview, he spoke on an array of topics. Excerpts:

Conception of 506

The reasons for the foundation of can be traced back three years ago, says Gerhard. “It was a time when I realized that GDPR and the handling of anonymous and personal data will undergo a massive change. I also foresaw the big growth of technology platforms and vouched to secure their data treasure even without privacy pressure from the outside.”


Creating a Quantifiable, Demonstrative Artificial Intelligence

Alex’s 25 years of expertise in media and digital businesses helped him carve a niche for himself in the industry. A go-getter, this technology enthusiast shifted his focus on AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science and Robotics in the year 2019. A staunch believer of pragmatic changes through strategic design, Alex always remained focused on operations and have designed and managed scores of businesses and medica strategies, investments etc. He is the President and CEO of Bedrock, a company focused on providing guidance to firms through humanized intelligence using data and Deep Science, enabling them with better decision-making, while optimizing operations. Excerpts from an interview with Alex Lawton:

Conception of Bedrock

Bedrock focuses on ideating and implementing data-driven and AI solutions that are grounded in strategic thinking. Observes Alex that he faced the challenge of dealing with huge influx of data on AI just like others in the industry.

Mark DePristo (2)

Revolutionizing Biosciences with AI

From starting in Math and Computer Science, a PhD in Biochemistry, followed by becoming a business analyst to human genetics research and then clinical trial autism to working on advanced AI technology, to founding a company, Mark DePristo exemplifies real diversity and unbelievable boldness at their best. The driving force, he says, is the willingness to pursue opportunities in adjacent high-growth areas, even if different from what he is presently doing. “Towards the end of every big project, I pop my head up and look for new challenges that will put me at the center of an important technical trend five years in the future. One can know those quite early on and the key is to have the courage to pursue these novel opportunities despite them being new and often outside your comfort zone.”

A builder by background and problem-solver by nature, Mark’s affinity to take very complex details and turn them into understandable stories has helped him discover that AI did not have the same impact in biomedicine as it has in Tech. “Both myself and my co-founder Peyton Greenside, really caught the AI/ML bug towards the end of the 2010s, me coming off four years at Google and Peyton just ending her Schmidt fellowship,” recalls Mark.

Michael Ouliel

Democratizing AI and Decentralizing Data

When Michael Ouliel worked as a government intelligence officer then as a consultant for a multinational technology company, he realised that enterprise-wide, AI-powered software could be truly transformative to a business. However, he felt that traditional enterprise software was holding businesses back and was actually detrimental to their goals of digital transformation and maximum data utilization.

“Enterprises have fostered a culture and IT environment that often focuses on centralised control – and while this may have been the best path in years gone by, technology has moved on enormously. Now, centralisation yields more difficulties than benefits in the long-term,” says Michael.

These difficulties include the exorbitant costs and discrepancies involved in unifying a vast range of available data sources and the ongoing complexity involved in interoperating with legacy IT assets. As a result, enterprises are unable to achieve major strides in customer focus, business agility and profitability.

Vin Singh, Founder

Synergizing Artificial Intelligence with Life Sciences

A dynamic visionary and an exemplary leader from the life sciences industry, Vin Singh is a well-known name in the industry today. He has skillfully and strategically led and executed operations, while balancing ambiguity in innovation. He has extensive experience in founding start-ups, as he has conceived and built several companies in the life science space including BullFrog, Next Healthcare Inc., and MaxCyte Inc. A strategic thinker, Vin Singh is the CEO and Chairman of BullFrog AI Holdings, a leading company with a proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform, aimed at improving biopharma drug development. Excerpts from an interview with him:

Conception of BullFrog AI Holdings

BullFrog is touted as a leading emerging global digital biotechnology company, founded with a mission of finding the missing links between patients and therapies. “We are honored and excited to be working with our biopharmaceutical clients and partners to help them de-risk their drug development programs and build tremendous value by rescuing and reviving programs that have the potential to impact millions of patients around the world.”


CausalFunnel - Democratizing AI and Data Science

An avid reader, a passionate data scientist and an absolute techie, Abhimanu Kumar is known for his love for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). As the AI market remains in an evolutionary state with a high percentage of AI innovations appearing on the upward-sloping Innovation Trigger, Abhimanu remains optimistic that the AI market is all set to witness a boom – never experienced earlier. As the CEO and Co-Founder of CausalFunnel, Plug-and-play data science platform for eCommerce funnel optimization, Abhimanu speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of CasualFunnel

“We created CausalFunnel with 10 years of industry experience to solve the problem that technology shifts and market dynamics are creating, especially for SMBs.” Adds Abhimanu that the current marketing and sales strategies depend on third-party data, but the privacy laws prohibit it. “Cookies are essential in every single current analytics tool, but the future is Cookie-less and there is a huge technical gap being created because of it.

Evandro 3

Driving Innovation, Boost Competitiveness through Data

A passionate tech entrepreneur, Evandro Barros has remained a staunch believer that data can be the most powerful resource that drives innovation and boost competitiveness with a company. He founded DATAH, a Canadian-based Venture Builder of Artificial Intelligence Companies. Conceived in 2016, the company and was born to solve a major pain of corporations: the time spent to adopt new technologies and how to manage Innovation risks. Evandro speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of DATAH

Currently the most challenge for any AI project is how to deploy in a proper way new algorithm and connect them with old process within the company, opines Evandro. “In our research on Artificial Intelligence, we noticed a considerable gap between the new AI techniques and their application in the real world. Partly because many researchers had no contact with the process of implementing algorithms, that’s how we created a structure capable of taking an algorithm from the academy world, testing it in the market and generating a new company in record times.”

André-Martin Hobbs

Revolutionizing Automobile Dealership Lending

André-Martin Hobbs has developed cutting-edge technology in the field of automotive marketing for over two decades. A digital entrepreneur and a passionate race driver, André-Martin’s undying love for the automobile industry, coupled with his drive for digital technology and data science has helped him build and develop several automotive digital solutions companies. As the President & Co-Founder of DecisioningIT, a technology company dedicated to making vehicle financing easier for consumers, André is at the helm of affairs at the company. The firm has created a new standard in automotive financing, thus, helping automotive dealerships connect with consumers. André has also been bestowed with the Excellence in Transportation & Automotive Award, which recognized his unparalleled contributions to the industry.  In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics.

Excerpts from his interview:

DecisioningIT’s Innovative Platform – Lucy F&I Suite

Dominick - Capturing value in your footprint

With his undying passion for technology, Dominick Romano has carved a niche for himself in the Digital Advertising space. His tryst with the industry began when he started a Digital Advertising agency while studying in Middle School. He successfully scaled PremiumCPM into a Top 100 Programmatic Advertising Company in the world after passing out of college. In 2018, he also served as Interim COO of FRSH (an agency for intelligent voice applications) where he led the team to win a Red Herring Top 100 North America and Global. He founded™, in 2020, which is an operating system of tools which essentially act as the quick books of a digital footprint. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of™

With his background in technology and business, Dominick anticipated a modern rush to store data and manage digital rights which can be easily tagged and maintained by AI in a secure and collaborative environment. “An easy to use, secured visual system for managing staggeringly large amounts of data, was needed, along with a simpler provisioning process.

Veena Gundavelli

Emagia - AI-powered Digital Order-to-Cash Management (OTC) Platform

Veena Gundavelli is a Silicon Valley-based tech innovator and entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and FinTech. She is also a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and passionate technology enthusiast. As the founder and CEO Of Emagia, a leading provider of AI-powered Digital Order-to-Cash Management (OTC) Platform that brings the combined power of Automation, Analytics, and AI to the Accounts Receivables, she is at the helm of affairs at the company. She speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview with her:

Conception of Emagia

Noting that the order-to-cash cycle in global companies is complex, Veena notes that while the front office has gone digital, B2B finance processes are still very complex and time-consuming. “Emagia brings the trifecta power of AI, analytics, and automation to provide tremendous efficiency in the order-to-cash processes such as credit, invoicing, collections, deductions, and cash application. We are changing the future of finance work with AI-powered especially skilled digital workforce in receivables and treasury.’’


Re-Imagining Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Innovation Methods

Andrea Cinelli pioneered change with a unique entrepreneurial vision, visionary acumen, and social commitment needed to thrive in today’s marketplace. He is the CEO & Founder, Foolfarm, European-based Venture Builder in the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain founded in Milan, Italy in 2020. Andrea founded Foolfarm after he completed in 2020 a successful exit from his previous AI-based startup.  Andrea defines FoolFarm a “Corp-Up Studio” because, it’s at the same time a Startup Studio and a Corporate Venture Builder with an exclusive long industrial-like methodology and it’s aimed to improving people’s lives through the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain innovation.  Andrea is celebrated as one of the emerging leaders in the global AI scenario, a successful digital entrepreneur, an executive manager @ top 500 companies, a venture investor, a keynote speaker , a book and disruptive patents  author (+5 patents filed in the Ai & blockchain). Excerpts from an interview with Andrea:

AI and Blockchain – Business Challenges


Enabling healthcare professionals with AI-enabled workflows

Christian Allouche is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Gleamer, a start-up that develops medical-grade AI solutions to support radiologists and emergency physicians in their daily work. A passionate professional about healthcare transformation, Christian believes in fostering benefits of AI to usher in a new revolution within medical systems. He speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of Gleamer

Back in the time, we felt AI would become the new standard of care in medical imaging, says Christian. He adds that since radiology has become crucial in the patient care, the radiologists’ workload has skyrocketed during the last two decades, and because of technological progress, imaging exams are now complicated to read out, presenting a very large panel of potential pathologies to search for. “This opens the door to medical mistakes and calls for AI as a safety net to companion radiologists. We want to companion imaging users with a suite of Artificial Intelligence solutions covering a wide range of clinical applications. Thus, Gleamer was born.”

Thomas Solignac, CEO & Co-founder – The Voice Architect for AI

Thomas Solignac is an ardent preacher of Artificial Intelligence. A true believer that AI and its allied technologies can bring in all the innovation needed in today’s world. Thomas finds interest in each project by a multidisciplinary perspective. Computer sciences, software design, programming, language theory are a  few of his all-time favorite subjects. He is the CEO & Co-founder of, a firm that provides business solutions to improve performance, thanks to transparent and controlled AI of natural language understanding, for emails and document  automation. In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from the interview:

The Exponential Value of AI within Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a sector where AI is growing exponentially, says Thomas. “If mainstream media focuses on AI for diagnostics, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for relieving all support activities in healthcare. It’s a sector weighed down by cumbersome administrative mechanisms.

iSIZE Sergio

Revolutionizing Video Streaming

With the colossal rise in streaming media, there has been a growing demand for high quality video anytime and/or anywhere. Codecs, the “essence of life” for the streaming media market, have been undergoing immense transformation to support the sheer volume of higher quality content that viewers demand. However, advancements in traditional video codec technology have been slow and the degree of innovation is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of this rapidly growing sector. Not to mention, the risk of deploying new codecs being very high.

With a strong background in AI technologies, and its applications for video imaging, art and gaming, Sergio Grce and the iSIZE team recognized AI’s potential to help overcome many of the challenges created by the traditional approach.“Today there are more people streaming more video than ever before. Our customers recognize both the commercial opportunity and their social responsibility to optimize their video delivery pipelines with our pioneering technology.’’

Serge Massicotte12

Fostering New-Gen Companies with AI

Serge Massicotte, CEO, IVADO Labs, a leading provider of AI-driven technology solutions that cultivates the next generation of companies with global reach and impact, is a leader, who believes in mobilizing people around strategic vision. With a successful history of structuring and running multi-site information technology organization with startups, growing companies and public corporations, Serge has created a niche for himself. A thorough professional with broad knowledge of best practices in software development and product management, this technology enthusiast is a highly result-oriented professional.

Excerpts from an interview with Serge:

Conception of IVADO Labs

It is evident that AI has enormous potential to revolutionize the supply chain. While there are off-the-shelf AI solutions available, these solutions do not address the need of companies with an elevated level of complexity in their supply, observes Serge.


paretos – Optimizing Data into Insightful Predictions

Thorsten Heilig is a passionate tech entrepreneur who believes that technology can solve complex and real-world problems on a broader scale. He is always striving to find new methods that can be leveraged by everyone. With a focus on organizational and product growth, he has co-founded companies, served as COO of Mercedes Benz owned moovel Group, worked as a management coach, and has most recently co-founded paretos, an organization that enables companies to turn their data into Insights, Predictions and Scenarios via a No Code Data Science automation platform. Thorsten motivates democratizing AI-based technology to make better strategic decisions.

Over the past 15 years, he has worked in various roles with many organizations to make innovative technologies and products available for a broader application in order to drive digital and agile transformation. A staunch believer that AI and Data Science are essential for solving highly dynamic and complex problems, Thorsten believes that in practice, AI solutions are still reserved for very few organizations. He intends to change this status quo and provide these technologies to a broader audience through paretos. Excerpts from an interview with Thorsten:

Robotto 1

Re-creating Autonomous, Technology-Driven Future

A passionate technology leader, Kenneth Richard Geipel started his career in the Danish Armed forces, where he received the Armed Forces Appreciation for the Extraordinary Service during his first deployment and became the youngest Corporal in the Danish Army. He went on to pursue an exciting career for new technologies after studying Robotics. A staunch believer that AI, Robotics, and drones remain at the core of a better tomorrow, he co-founded Robotto, a multi award winning start up. Excerpts from an interview with Kenneth:

Conception of Robotto

Robotto is pioneering the future of drone capabilities to create impactful, edge-computing, and autonomous decision-making systems for a variety of use cases.  Its unique technology combines Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to create a positive change in the future of autonomous technology.

Leonardo Santos

Re-Defining AI’s Disruptive Innovation

A passionate entrepreneur at heart, Leonardo Santos is the CEO of Semantix, a Brazilian company specializing in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Internet of Things. He has led investment rounds, always focusing on entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation, and the construction of intellectual capital. He believes in fostering an evolution, which is the result of a big purpose in terms of growth, vision, strategy, and direction of new business models. Leonardo speaks on an array of topics. Excerpts from an interview:

Conception of Semantix

Noting that in the initial stages of his career, he worked with MNCs and global IT giants and got involved in many projects in Silicon Valley when big data technologies crossed his path, he calls them life changing. “I asked myself why there was no Brazilian company doing the same for its country, creating solutions that empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. I spoke with two people who were both senior IT professionals with expertise in the field, and they shared the same vision, so together, we founded Semantix.”


Creating Sustainable Agriculture through Digitalization

A passionate entrepreneur with 10 years of hands-on experience in supplies of sustainable plant nutrition and health solutions to farms in Eastern Europe, Pavel Hilman is a well-known name in the industry today. He is the CEO of Sensilize, a precision agriculture company involved in development of software and hardware solutions for crop field monitoring and data analytics, based on remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence. He speaks on an array of topics in an interview. Excerpts:

Conception of Sensilize

Sensilize is an international scientific precision agriculture IT company manufacturing and supplying farmers with integrated remote sensing hardware and software solutions for crop health analysis and management. As an easy-to-use, easily integrated device, the platform provides ultimate user experience through a simple interface. System provides options to import data from third device and platforms and export ready maps and recommendations which gives synergies with other farming equipment while selective till age helps reduce costs on fuel.


Developing State-of-the-Art AI-Based Perception Systems

With his 25 years of varied experience in Computer Vision and Image/Video analysis, Dr. Robert Laganiere co-founded a slew of startups including Sensor Cortek. Robert’s undying passion for Computer Vision and AI (Artificial Intelligence) helped him found Sensor Cortek, that develops state-of-the-art AI-based perception systems for all applications. Excerpts from an interview with Robert Laganière:

Conception of Sensor Cortek

Sensor Cortek uses deep neural networks to develop advanced embedded perception systems, enabling reliable understanding of real-world environments. Says Robert, “Sensor Cortek engineers AI for perception by developing full-stack solutions. We not only design deep neural network architectures, but also consider data acquisition and preprocessing, build real-time inference engines that can be embedded into power-constrained specialized architectures and performs extensive testing under challenging environmental conditions.”


Revolutionizing Global IP Data Industry

Ophir Kretzer-Katzir, CEO and Co-Founder, SYBARIP has been a serial entrepreneur. As the Co-Founder of SYBARIP, he has developed the industry’s first AI-backed SaaS platform that is specially designed and built for IP managers as a solution to the dauting task of managing the massive influx of complex and fragmented global IP data that results in inefficient, expensive, and non-strategic IP management. SYBARIP aims at helping organizations take advantage of this data to create value from their IP.  In an interview, he speaks on an array of topics – the benefits of AI to the IP and innovation lifecycle, utilizing its unique ability to gather and analyze global data and AI’s impact on data revolution. Excerpts from the interview:

Conception of SYBARIP

“Being in a unique position of managing strategy and IP in a major technology company, I came to realize that the holy-grail of IP management – being able to make strategic decision that will align the company/product strategy with its IP strategy, and this is hardly achievable” says Ophir.

Kurt Busch

Syntiant - Redefining AI

A true entrepreneur and visionary, Kurt Busch is a well-known name in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry today. As the CEO of Syntiant Corp., a provider of deep learning solutions making edge AI a reality for always-on applications, he has created a niche for himself. Kurt has extensive experience in product development, having driven the successful launch of new products, ranging from SaaS and semiconductors for telecom and broadcast video to consumer electronics and data center systems. A global team builder, leader and visionary driving a culture of innovation, this technology enthusiast speaks on array of topics. Excerpts from the interview:

Conception of Syntiant

Observes Kurt that he realized the enormous market opportunity and set out to bring voice interfaces to any device back in 2017 when his son gave him this idea. “That’s when I recruited my three co-founders and bootstrapped initial funding for the company.

Yudhi Rahadian, CEO & Founder

Techbros – the Digital Innovation Expert

A proven telecommunication expertise who has served in 16 countries around the globe, Yudhi     Rahadian has created a niche for himself in the industry. This humble technology enthusiast is the Founder and CEO of Techbros, a technology company that specializes in AI, the digital innovation expertise that believe in turning intangible into tangible solutions. He believes in engaging in continuous learning and critical thinking to promote the growth of the individual and the organization. Excerpts from an interview with Yudhi:

Conception of Techbros

Underpinning the importance of innovation, Yudhi says that in the quest for evolving a more comfortable and secure world, humans have always tried to innovate. “In this pursuit, innovative technology has always played a significant role, be it in any field of human society and the nature of society. There are currently so many innovative technologies still in intangible phase, where Techbros could help to innovate. With the help of AI, those innovation become tangible solutions.”


Transforming Enterprises through Artificial Intelligence

Rogayeh Tabrizi, Co-Founder, CEO, Theory+Practice, a fast-growing Data Science and Advanced Analytics firm offering services including end-to-end data strategies and scalable AI solutions, is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. She actively works with several non-profit agencies and educational institutions, including AInBC and believes in fostering social good. Big data is all in a day’s work for a physicist, according to this technology enthusiast who believes in the unique marriage of skills and every corporation’s need to understand their data. She speaks on an array of topics in an interview. Excerpts:

Conception of Theory+Practice

Noting that the influx of available data has led to uncertainty among industries as to how to use their      data, Rogayeh says that currently most of the solutions for these industries start with data-first strategy coupled with digital transformation projects. “There is a real opportunity to actually unlock that much more value by starting with use cases, asking questions, and understanding the problems we are trying to solve.

Evan Chrapko

Ensuring that Deserving People Get What They Deserve

For Evan Chrapko, there’s no such thing as a limit to the creation of goodwill. “We strive to pay it forward on numerous fronts. My team—Trust Scientists!—and customers are treated like family so that our long-term execution is sustainable and so that we leave the world a better place.” Evan’s compassionate attitude plus his hard-working spirit led him to pursue his mission to allow deserving people to get what they deserve. He founded Trust Science® to expedite and enhance all manner of personal and business transactions. His first go-to-market is to help lenders get better insights about borrowers with fair, highly-predictive credit scores, achieved via AI/ML.

Enabling accurate credit scoring

There has been increasing inequity in the lending industry because incumbent credit scoring solutions are being eclipsed by the rapidly evolving markets, data sources and changing consumer behavior. Importantly, solutions also had to work “down market”, where trillions of dollars in the global economy were being misallocated (or not even allocated at all), but where the conventional bureaus feared to tread.


Optimising Artificial Intelligence with a Holistic Approach

A Data Scientist and a Machine Learning engineer, Mine Melodi Caliskan has years of experience in end-to-end product development and data-driven application in varied industries including manufacturing, energy, trading, health, retail, and transportation domains. She founded xMint, for providing Artificial Intelligence-focused software solutions and professional consultancy to companies around the globe. A thorough techie, Melodi has been particularly involved in Robotics, Computer vision and signal processing. She spoke on an array of topics. Excerpts from the interview:

Conception of xMint

Notes Melodi that after completing her graduation, she participated in Digital Product School (DPS) by UnternehmerTUM in Munich, Germany as an Artificial Intelligence engineer where she had the opportunity to practice user-centric digital product development using design thinking and lean startup methodologies. “When I returned to Turkey, I received my first offer to work as a Machine Learning consultant and in just a couple of days, the outcomes exceeded the expectations of the stakeholders.

smart medical technology concept,advanced robotic surgery machine at Hospital, robotic surgery are precision, miniaturisation, smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain,  quick healing time

Artificial intelligence reshaping the medical sector for a healthier future

Medical sector is growing at a great speed with the solution of various diseases which were unknown till now. The development is maximum based on digital technology and is giving rise to huge amount of digital data and automated services too. Artificial intelligence was earlier discovered for several well-known digital platforms for simplifying their process and serve more effectively to their users without any manual assistance, such as recognizing images on social media platform and giving automated suggestions on search engine result page. Sooner this advancement made small steps towards medical industry and artificial intelligence within no time was deployed in the medical sector for various processes and the major part of medical stream which is sorted and made swift with the help of AI is disease diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Radiology: On time diagnosis of a disease can give effective solutions for the disease and can be really helpful to avoid the life risk included with the disease. Artificial intelligence has given a prompt solution for this by automating the image analysis and diagnosis.

robot with ai

Miracles of Artificial Intelligence in the Robotics Industry

Artificial intelligence and robotics are two distinct sectors but in the advancement of robotics there is a great role of AI. Well, Artificial Intelligence has worked at a great level for various sectors and has brought amazing transformations too. And when we talk about robotics, artificial intelligences act as the backbone for it. Now question might be how artificial intelligence can empower robotics? The answer you will get if you think which type of robot do you require? The one to which you need to feed command for every single ask, or the one which can grow itself, learn, and take decision required for the abased on the provided criteria. Thus, the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics is massive which is nowhere going to be slow down the pace of development. The major application of AI in robotics is to enhance the automation capabilities of various industries. Sense and response: Automation is being used in various business industries since several years but the traditional robots were bond to pick an object from a specified location and the further process to be followed as the predetermined data feed in the system.


A Valuable Journey of Customer Data

While his business has grown into one of Seattle’s most respected and sought after enterprise software companies, Kabir Shahani is in the business of people. He believes in connecting people with technology to help them be more successful, improve business results, and get more value out of their daily work. “Though technology is often misunderstood to be better suited than humans to solve the most complex problems,” Shahani says, “we must not lose sight that it is best used to enhance and augment human capacity.” For instance, most modern businesses’ real capital is knowledge, and how it is spread and shared across organizations has a large impact on the effectiveness of the businesses. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to organize, promote, and retrieve that knowledge from many internal systems and processes. Keeping this as a foundational principle, Amperity was born. “Our mission is to help people use data to serve the customer.


Pushing the limits of AI

Artificial Intelligence is ubiquitous. Be it education, cybersecurity, healthcare or any industry, there’s always room for AI to optimize the business. However, some technical voids are yet to be filled. According to Emilio Billi, Founder, and Chief Technical Officer of A3Cube technology Innovators despite the challenges that come with the evolution of AI, the benefits are worth it. For example, AI has transformed the manufacturing process, optimized the costs and, has helped the sector not compromise between quality and efficiency. That’s a significant transformation. Billi pushes the limits of AI by redefining Data Analytics and changing the operations of several industries through A3Cube. However, the question remains, can an AI exhibit more intelligence than a human? Will they replace humans in the long run? Let’s find out!  “AI allows us to augment the intelligence of humans”, says Billi. This means that AI helps us gain a deeper understanding of any technical problem that is set before us.


Automating Intelligent robots

Berkshire Grey, a US-based technology company, builds solutions that combine Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to automate retail, eCommerce, and logistics processes. The company has remained a forerunner in transforming pick, pack, and sort operations, thus, transforming the dynamic distribution and fulfillment centers of logistics and retail enterprises. According to the company, it uses machine learning and AI technology to control industrial robots that can automate tasks that have never before been performed by machines in commercial settings. In an interview, Tom Wagner CEO of the company, ponders over AI’s future, the company’s vision, and the success mantra behind Berkshire Grey. Ask Tom about how AI has changed the entire gamut of the IT industry and he says, “AI is changing the way the whole world does business. Today, often the term AI is used to denote learning algorithms that examine data and help to automate decision making.


Drowning Detection Gets Real with Coral Manta 3000

Incidents of children drowning in swimming pools have been on an alarming rise in the recent past. According to recent statistics, in the USA alone around 6,000 cases of people drowning in residential swimming pools have been reported each year. Official records also state that more than 50% of all swimming pools drownings are of children less than 10 years old. Several pieces of research have been initiated to tackle this issue and prevent these unfortunate incidents. Coral Drowning Detection came up with an AI based technology that can help reduce these statistics dramatically. The company developed the first drowning detection system for private swimming pools, through its signature product Coral Manta 3000, which is touted as the system’s breakthrough in solar-powered Artificial Intelligence technology. The product, a plug and play system, is a self-installed device that sends smartphone notifications when anyone first enters the pool and more importantly, when it detects risk of drowning.

Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO

Building Artificial Intelligence from Scratch

Flybits empowers the world’s leading financial institutions to enter a new era of personalized banking, powered by contextual intelligence. By unlocking and owning the power of context – knowledge of the precise circumstances and needs of a customer at a particular point in time – Flybits enables financial institutions to build intelligent, highly relevant and predictive customer experiences with ease and unprecedented speed. Without the need to re-engineer existing IT infrastructure, Flybits platform can integrate proprietary, public and contextual data to create a unified, context-based ecosystem and deliver powerful, in-the-moment connections, transforming financial institutions’ digital and mobile channels with rich, context-based customer experiences. With patent-protected AI and machine learning capabilities, Flybits’ end-to-end platform allows teams to orchestrate experiences without data science or technical know-how.


Personalizing human-machine interaction

InfiBond, a pioneer in human analytics, has cracked the code for understanding what drives human behavior through the relationship of individuals with their mobile devices. It allows INFI to provide a human dimension to every Human-Machine interaction in the digital sphere. The company, headquartered in Tel Aviv, has developed an empathic AI predictive platform, EmpathAI™, which integrates validated psychological models into applied mathematics and AI Referring to the company’s personality-driven AI, Yoram Kraus, the company’s CEO, said that the digital world, in a race to understand personalities of individuals, is progressing at an exponential pace through AI and other technological innovations. “This step is critical for enabling machines to interact with humans. Unfortunately, though, available solutions attempting to engage users are typically one-size-fit-all. This means that customer targeting has reached a glass ceiling as it is based mainly on historical data and demographics”, he pointed out.


Taking Artificial Intelligence to the next level

K1 Digital specializes in the integration of 4IR technologies, focusing on the development of IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) and machine learning solutions and cognitive systems. The company’s proprietary methodology, with a proven success rate in implementation of intelligent robotization solutions, custom made solutions to cater to the varied business process. The company has remained a forerunner in the AI space and has developed solutions that impact several industries.

The Success Mantra

Paula Adrião, CEO of K1 Digital speaks on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Artificial Intelligence is already changing society and the way we work more than anything that we ever did before

Shiran Weitzman

Revolutionizing the RegTech Industry

Specialist RegTech provider Shield is all set to revolutionize the financial compliance industry. With the setting up of the world’s first Autonomous Compliance Hub, the company is helping firms to be more efficient and thus, dramatically help reduce their expenses on non-revenue generating domains. Shield’s CEO and Co-Founder, Shiran Weitzman, has been named as one of the top 50 financial industry company founders for 2019 by the Financial Technologist. A fete, Shiran believes comes with a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction. He adds, “Entrepreneurship comes with lots of fulfillment and satisfaction, but also with many sleepless nights, many red-eye flights and many decisions that are followed by doubt. Whilst entrepreneurship is highly revered and adored today, it does come with enormous challenges as well. It is the ‘small wins’ (like this recognition) that make it all worthwhile though.” “Ofir (my co-founder) and I have known each other since we were 14 years old.

The skills required to develop AI

The skills required to develop AI

There is no dearth of jobs for qualified people in the market. Especially, if you have the knowledge and desire to make a significant difference in the market. Technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have already established the foothold in the market. Both of these technologies have the power to reform the way businesses operate. The communication and human interaction to accomplish complex tasks are also evolved. As the business application of AI and MI is constantly increasing, the requirement of qualified people to handle the workload is also increasing. Everybody is willing to take their career to the next level with these innovations. It is true that there are ample opportunities for qualified people, but simultaneously you should also have the extra-ordinary capabilities to take the challenges as programmers to make a smooth and natural transition whenever and where required. Now, to sail across smoothly, you must look at the following:

Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

Narrow Artificial Intelligence and its scopes

An ability to adapt to machine and learning to a machine is Artificial Intelligence, as described in brief. But artificial intelligence is more than we know and perceived to be. There are 3 types of artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the first type of AI and broaden our knowledge about narrow artificial intelligence: Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) Artificial Intelligence proved that technology could imitate the human brain and actions. Narrow artificial Intelligence or narrow AI is a specific technology that it can imitate the human action to accomplish a task, which is narrowly defined. These actions, for example, include speech recognition and voice assistants. It would be good to know that narrow artificial intelligence has cognitive abilities and emphasize a single subset of this ability, where there is a further scope to make a few advancements in this area. An ability to adapt to machine and learning to a machine is Artificial Intelligence, as described in brief. But artificial intelligence is more than we know and perceived to be. There are 3 types of artificial intelligence. Let’s look at the first type of AI and broaden our knowledge about narrow artificial intelligence:

Infrastructure requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure requirements for Artificial Intelligence

Over the years as AI is developing and reforming, various businesses and IT decision makers are making significant investment on technologies powered by AI. As artificial intelligence has the capability to change everything within the organization and refine the way people work, it is extremely important to gain the control over the macro and micro level of your business and organization. With the change of artificial intelligence is changing keeping an eye on the way your business functions become crucial, as every moment your changes are refined, and you have fresh requirements. This is just a piloting and beginning phase of AI and the power and the impact are already felt around. As slowly the artificial intelligence would be moving forward, we are expected to see much greater and wider changes around. What does AI require to improve? As more and more people would experiment to improve the prospect of AI, there will be significant requirement for computing resources and infrastructure costs. When there is a tremendous impact of AI around us, there is a requirement to find a cost-effective environment to run the extensive processes. Every business needs to adapt to these changes and be flexible enough to welcome new infrastructure.

Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) and its scopes

Artificial Super Intelligence or ASI is that branch of artificial intelligence that has the capability to perform the tasks that are impossible for the human mind to think or do. It is that aspect of intelligence that is more potent and refined than a human’s intelligence. Human’s intelligence can develop effectively and can adapt to changes faster. Superintelligence is capable of outperforming human intelligence; it is extremely powerful in doing that. Superintelligence is twice as powerful as human brains to conceptualize or idealize. The human brain is made of neurons and is limited to some billion neurons. Superintelligence, therefore, challenges this trait, which knows no limit. Ever since 1970, when the term Artificial superintelligence was introduced, it has been referring to the capabilities of the computer that can outperform or even challenge the possibilities of the human mind. The technology undoubtedly imitates the human mind and action, but extensively challenges human brains and even surpass human ability. Artificial superintelligence goes further beyond and conceives a world of computer’s cognitive ability, which is much superior to human actions. The researchers around the world are working towards developing Artificial Intelligence.

An important part of educational sector transformation

AI: An important part of educational sector transformation

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence has intruded in each and every sector, either you count medical or finance you will find a great impact of AI on it. But a rebel characteristic of artificial intelligence was emerged when it also started transforming educational sector. In olden days, education was only limited to the classes, a boring board, black and white printed study materials. But the world of education has been changed so far and the hero behind it is of course artificial intelligence which has made education a little more interesting, colorful and of course much more professional.

Teachers and the grading system:

Already long lectures consume a huge time of teachers but they again get busy with the tests and grading them. Manually it takes a long time but it is simplified with the help of artificial intelligence. Gone are the days when students were writing long content and filling pages of a copy, now exams are conducted in simplified manners with optional type questions. Well 100% replacements of a human are not possible but AI has replaced it far better.

artificial general intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence and its scopes

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is far more advanced and improved over Artificial Narrow Intelligence. It is applicable to general-purpose only. It can smartly and efficiently be applied to do variety of tasks; simultaneously learn and improve itself. As compared to the human brain or human intellect, AGI is similar and can function productively without any errors. Things that Artificial Narrow Intelligence could not do, Artificial General Intelligence can learn and improve to efficiently perform various tasks.

To link to the context that what AGI empowered application can do is that the intelligence of AlphaGo can be applied in various other areas apart from its main function to be able to play Go. Research is being carried out to explore the possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence.

Programmed to perform any task that a human is capable of, Artificial General Intelligence can imitate the cognitive abilities of humankind. AGI can find out a solution if faced with some task, which is hard to comprehend.

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