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Market-leading fundraising CRM platform acquired by Togetherwork

Market-leading fundraising CRM platform acquired by Togetherwork

Market-leading fundraising CRM platform acquired by Togetherwork

The ClearView CRM fundraising and donor management software has been acquired by Brooklyn-based Togetherwork, which focuses on group management and payments software.

Based in Amherst, NY, SofTrek – Clearview’s owner and developer founded in 1987 – has become the software provider of choice for dozens of US non-profits, including the likes of Catholic Relief Services, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The acquisition was actually closed in Q4 2017, but the companies announced it in April. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the terms of the deal, SofTrek stays as an independent operating company, operating within Togetherwork. Joseph Klimek is also joining SofTrek concurrent with the acquisition. He has over 20 years of software experience and has successfully helped nonprofits to adopt new technologies and processes.

“SofTrek represents the best of Togetherwork, with a strong commitment to serving customers and its ability to deliver enterprise quality products across our portfolio,” says Neil Platt, CEO of Togetherwork.

SofTrek’s new owner has acquired 18 companies so far and is in the process of building a growing family of group payments and software companies. It specializes in helping organizations use software to grow and increase their revenues.

Its operating companies serve multiple verticals including fraternal organizations, religious congregations, sports leagues, summer camps, charities and cultural institutions.

That background makes it a good fit for SofTrek, which has been helping nonprofits to raise money using technology. Its flagship product is ClearView CRM, which offers constituent relationship management, operational tools and reporting that can help non-profits deepen donor engagement and manage fundraising activities.

ClearView CRM is currently used by many of the most significant non-profits operating in North America today.

Key Takeaways:

• The US fundraising industry has become increasingly sophisticated over the past three decades, and SofTrek has evolved with it.

• The firm is best known for its software which has been built up to help serve the needs of nonprofits – for example, it can be configured to suit the fundraising and reporting needs of chapter-based organizations.

• Over the years, SofTrek has worked with other technology and CRM providers to further enhance its software, for example via integrations with third party applications like DonorDrive and TeamRaiser. This has helped to make it into one of the most sophisticated fund raising CRM platforms on the US market and an acknowledged leader.

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