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Virtual Data Center Network Unveiled

Virtual Data Center Network Unveiled

Nicira recently unveiled its virtual data center network in coordination with the very impressive names of companies that use its product lines. Founded by the so-called key players in the improvement of OpenFlow protocol, Nicira boasts of its software-defined networking, in as far as the data center industry is concerned.

However, it is said that Nicira’s approach to networking even goes beyond OpenFlow. The recent software platform it centered its focus, is known to be managing the so-called network abstraction layer. This will enable users to establish virtual networks operating separately and independently especially on the physical network hardware. The company confirmed that its software is capable of working hand in hand with any network hardware, and also from any vendor that is known as hypervisor agnostic, that is also capable of working with VMware, Xen Server, Linux and Microsoft’s HyperV.

It is revealed that Nicira’s technology is making it easier to move virtual machines especially between data centers, which is considered a very attractive option for a lot of enterprises especially those infrastructure that is distributed across many cities of the world. That’s the reason why the Nicira Company is making its debut along with users like Fidelity, eBay, AT&T, Fidelity Investment Rackspace, NTT and eBay.

Meanwhile, there’s no stopping to the upcoming conference of data center stakeholders and professionals as AFCOM, presentor of the international conference is now all systems go for the holding of the conference on March 18-22, 2012 at Mirage Hotel and Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The said conference also promises to assist data center industry professionals and stakeholders especially in data center, as well as management facilities management, purposely to enhance their knowledge about how business goals and IT goals can be joined together to improve efficiency and data center operations.

During the conference, there will be educational sessions that will be facilitated by some of the industry’s most respected professionals when it comes to data center management and operational management. This is expected to make participants be ready to prepare for their action plans after attending the international conference.

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