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Open-Source Customization – Tailor Your Online Business in a Cost-Effective Way

open source systems (OSS) are used extensively in various IT-based organizations, across the globe. Owing to the high-functional nature and a range of attributes, enterprises are getting more inclined towards the applications for their business needs. The wide acceptance of the open source applications is mainly due to the two basic features, easy customization and free-of-cost utilization.

The open-source systems are quite different from the copyrighted software applications. To use a copyrighted software, you need to buy it or pay the license fee, whereas, the script or the source code of the open-source software is readily available for checking, analyzing, and utilization.

Why to use Open-Source Solutions?

One of the biggest hurdles that comes in-between smooth running of any business is known by various aliases, namely money, capital and finance. Organizations strive to cut the expenditures to elevate the profit figures, and OSS provide a smooth breakthrough to achieve the same. Available with “no license fee” tag attached to them, OSS enables the user to use the functionalities of the feature-rich applications without worrying about the expenses. The open-source systems lower down the cost incurred to establish and run the business, up to a great extent.

Easy customization is another feature that allures the organizations to use the open-source system. It allows the user to take a part of OSS and modify it according to their business specific needs. As the code is “license-free”, you just have to make small customization in it to add new functionality. However, one should not forget that, if the same is done with the proprietary software, it is possible that you end up ruining your software license.

Advantages of Open Source Applications:

There is a wide range of benefits associated with Open-source software systems. Some of them are:

  • Feel Free to Switch Vendors: These allow the user to switch over the vendor, if the latter increases the price on the commodity or service.
  • Complete Transparency: No hidden cost. Users may try, as well as analyze the application before using it. He/She can modify codes according to the project or business needs.
  • Source Code Accessibility and Modifications: OSS allows an unlimited number of modifications in the source code, for the development of desired software product. Furthermore, due to source code accessibility, it is easier to isolate errors, and fix code issues.
  • Re-distribute Modifications and Code Improvement: Once the modifications are done in the source code, the improved code is re-distributed and shared within the community. This feature further attracts the group of developers to use the applications.
  • Use the Software, As you Need: Anyone can use the software, according to the requirement. This helps in improving the quality, and functionality of the software, as it comes with the universal redistribution rights.

Now, with a large number of professionals downloading, analyzing, and using an open-source project, the code quality escalates, in comparison with the proprietary software systems. It means that the chances of getting improved codes, with added functionality and user-interfaces are higher.

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