Techbros – the Digital Innovation Expert
Yudhi Rahadian, CEO & Founder, Techbros

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Techbros – the Digital Innovation Expert

A proven telecommunication expertise who has served in 16 countries around the globe, Yudhi     Rahadian has created a niche for himself in the industry. This humble technology enthusiast is the Founder and CEO of Techbros, a technology company that specializes in AI, the digital innovation expertise that believe in turning intangible into tangible solutions. He believes in engaging in continuous learning and critical thinking to promote the growth of the individual and the organization. Excerpts from an interview with Yudhi:

Conception of Techbros

Underpinning the importance of innovation, Yudhi says that in the quest for evolving a more comfortable and secure world, humans have always tried to innovate. “In this pursuit, innovative technology has always played a significant role, be it in any field of human society and the nature of society. There are currently so many innovative technologies still in intangible phase, where Techbros could help to innovate. With the help of AI, those innovation become tangible solutions.”

He adds that when he started Techbros, the idea was to help industries transform digitally, using the latest technology such as IoT, 5G or AI. “We want to promote innovation as the first step in adopting new technology. Since then, we have continued to move forward in terms of new technologies that we can provide our customers with the latest solutions.”

Flagship Product – Elang.AI

Elang.AI, an essential computer vision development platform for creating and deploying Machine Learning applications on edge devices stemmed from theneed for AI when use cases can be accommodated without having to use cloud computing. Elang AI provides developers with a simple and flexible way to build, train, and deploy computer vision and other AI applications to a wide variety of IoT devices. “Our latest product offers a new edge AI platform, where industries can easily prototype AI and scale up according to their needs.”

The AI Journey

Noting that AI is a technological continuation of the previous technologies, Yudhi adds that the same philosophy applies to AI technology too. “This technology is the sophistication of a machine which can think using Machine Learning and even using deep learning, but their job is only to help us in our daily lives, which is expected to create potential for new jobs and also improve people’s lives.”

Ruling out a possibility that AI can completely replace human tasks in in everyday life, Yudhi observes, “I don’t think so, nowadays humans have more natural intelligence to do difficult tasks than machines with AI technology. Meanwhile, AI is only suitable for repetitive tasks which make it easier for humans to do other tasks.” In other words, industries can use AI to get more accurate data and results using machine learning algorithms, so that they can increase profits in their businesses, in other words, more profits require expansion and create new job opportunities for workers.

Leadership Traits

“I really like field work and like to get my hands dirty and I adhere to the principle of servant leadership, where my employees are co-workers, we don’t have a hierarchy at Techbros.” Noting that all employees complement each other and work with each other, Yudhi stresses on the need to create a harmonized team and a sense of belongingness.

“In my experience being a leader is that before leading others, we start by leading ourselves to become a better and useful person, starting from that it will reflect how we lead an organization. My principle, I can’t make everyone happy with my leadership, I open the door wide for my team members to give criticism, feedback and suggestions. which is expected later to be an example for them by improvising from each of them, how to lead well, leading by examples is the correct ways.”

The Success Mantra

A humble professional, Yudhi feels that he still has a lot to achieve. “I feel I still have a lot to achieve to be successful. For AI startups, what I’m observing now is the number of use cases that we can actually work on using AI technology, what I’m worried about is that AI will only be used in big cities, where people are used to advanced technology. And of-course complete infrastructure, but what about small towns in rural areas, will it just be a dream in broad daylight. This is also the reason for the birth of Elang AI, where we at Techbros are eager to see AI can be implemented in all sectors, and even in remote villages.”

Techbros – The Way Forward

“At Techbros, we understand that the pain point of using AI technologies are to have very well infrastructures, such as Internet, Therefore, besides innovating with our Product Elang AI, we also innovate using TechbrosFI to enabler the AI and IoT technologies, this technology supported using OpenRAN technologies.”

Company: Techbros


Management:  Yudhi Rahadian, CEO & Founder

Founded Year: 2017

Headquarters: Düsseldorf, North Rheine Westphalia

Description: Techbros is an innovator in the field of digital transformation.

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