Allina: Digitizing the future Insurtech industry.
Johan Fahrbring, CEO & Co-founder Allina

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Company: Allina Forsakringar | Website:

Management: Johan Fahrbring, CEO & Co-founder | Founded Year: 2023

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Description: Allina is an insurtech company offering the next generation of white label insurances through our own insurance-as-a-service platform.

Allina – Digitizing the future Insurtech industry.

Johan is an experienced executive with proven operational and strategic skills. With a demonstrated and successful history of working in different industries, he is highly driven and passionate about sales, business, Customer Acquisition, Strategy, Digital Marketing and people. He is the co-founder of Allina, an Insurtech company offering the next generation of white label insurance through its home-grown insurance-as-a-service platform service. In an interview Johan speaks on the founding of Allina, the services it offers and the future of the insurance industry. Excerpts:

Founding of Allina

Insurance companies have been using their partners for customer acquisition to leverage their own brand and long-term CLV, says Johan. “With Allina we want to shift the balance of power and thus enable the companies that own the distribution channel to also own the customer relationship for insurance and benefit from increased customer loyalty and brand status. By utilizing modern technology and smart processes we can now make this opportunity available to all sizes of companies.”

Insurance industry- challenges galore

Johan asks entrepreneurs to be wary about the digitizing processes and communication solely for the sake of digitization. “Many companies work hard on digitizing processes and communication with their customers, but digital may not always be the best way. An old colleague of mine used to say “digital by default, analog by choice”. I think that’s a healthy approach to the challenges that are out there.”

Allina’s comprehensive platform designed for digital natives- Key features

Allina develops and manages insurance brands for its partners. Its Cloud-based insurance as a service platform enables great customer experience, with the ability to distribute insurances in all industries, when and wherever it’s best suited for the end consumer, and at the same time ensures that policy management claim handling and customer service is covered in the best possible way. “When we started Allina we set a target where we would be able to launch a new insurance brand in 30 days. I´d say that we have reached that target.”

Leadership traits

Allina’s both co-founders have been instrumental for the success of Allina, where one’s weaknesses are compensated by the others’ strength. Being an entrepreneur and visionary, and at the same time having the ability to dig into details and make things happen are must haves in your skillset when you manage a start-up or scale-up company, adds Johan. He adds that apart from being resilient, visionary, and an excellent team builder, he considers himself an above average problem solver with good analytical skills.

Words of caution

He urges fellow entrepreneurs to continue to focus on businesses and never stop trying. “I think the fear of failure often comes from not really believing in what you are doing. If so, the risk is that even before you start executing Plan A, you are looking at Plan B. That is rarely the path to success.”

Johan adds that the insurance industry is a complex industry with a fair number of regulations, and you will need specialists around you who can guide you. “And remember that you can’t have everything figured out from the beginning. Have trust in your vision. You´ll figure it out. Gather a bunch of great and knowledgeable people around you.”

Many experienced individuals in the insurance industry know that it’s not just about delivering the best product or the best technology solution. The product is important, but distribution and packaging are often more important parameters for success. A mix of all is of course the best way to succeed.

Allina- Forging ahead

“Those are secrets we keep to ourselves, but like many other companies we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve customer experience and partner experience. What we also try to do is to reinvent the business logic behind each insurance offering. Often driven by listening to our partners’ pain points, challenges and needs. Customer satisfaction is always a key factor, but inventing new business use of insurance is where the magic happens” he signs off.

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