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What advancements we can expect from 5G networks?

Telecom industry is one of the most booming sectors that are growing exponentially keeping every parallel step with the technological growth. In present world no one is untouched from a smartphone, right from a toddler. Advancements of telecom industry has brought us up to 4G networks that aims to serve a better even best video experience to the users, but still folks at a time struggle with a network congestion and loses the quality of their call or video.

Next generation telecom industry will be 5G which will give a permanent solution to many issues faced by the telecom industry and will serve with a number of aspects which being still assessed, but one which has been emerged as an outstanding aspect is serving with private networks. With the help of this technology, industries and companies can get their dedicated network which will be 100% congestion free and allow them to use as much as they can, in the way they want to use it.

Use in present world:

It is not just a forecast of 5G network but really this network is serving with outstanding aspect. In early days, it was hard to get in touch with the trucks went inside the mines, but now it’s now possible with the help of 5G networks. Now a day’s, few mines from some part of world have started using 5G to self-directed trucks into the mines, ensuring that humans are not entering into the dangerous locations of mines.

Slicing of network:

One of the most innovative aspects of 5G architecture is slicing of network. It allows any network operator to slice a portion of network and give it to a specific customer. It increases the reliability, safety and personalization of a network. This will bring an enhanced customer services and customer satisfaction with the help of AI. Well this slicing is not précised for any type of customer. The end customer may be a company, an industry, or can be also an individual.