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How Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used by telecommunication industry?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are most booming sectors of technology. Now these technologies are also becoming a reason for great transformations in the telecom sector. In present technological growth of telecom sector, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the strongest pillars which assist this sector in every single bit improvement, right from the enhancement of customer’s experience till automating maintenance of their networks for the flawless and uninterrupted services.

Well reliability on artificial intelligence and machine learning are not limited till here in this sector, but there are a number of ways in which this sector is utilizing technological growth, such as network optimization, robotic process automation, fraud detection, and many more. Now might be thinking how a telecom industry can rely on machine learning and AI, so here are your answers:

Customer services and satisfaction:

Just half a decade before customers was making a hard struggle to get solutions to their problems as they had to wait for a long time to connect with the customer care executive. Number of folks calls a telecom service provider with distinguished reasons, few calls to get a new connection, few to know their bill or information about their active packs etc., and few to raise a complaint. In early days the reason of calls was unknown till an executive answers a call and then escalating calls to the expertise made even calls lengthier and hectic. But now with the assistance of artificial intelligence, most of the solutions are given to the customers by artificial intelligence which uses machine learning to retrieve data about certain customer and serve them with required information, but still if the customer continues the call and wishes to talk to the customer care executive then AI distributes the call as per the query of the customer which makes the process fast and simpler than ever before.

Fraud detection:

Fraud detection with the help of machine learning is one of the best boons to the industry. This is an era where technological growth has also given an open invitation to fraudulent and theft. To get rid of this issue and sort fake profiles out, machine learning is designed with a self-decision making technology which incorporates an outstanding algorithm as per that it detects fake profiles, illegal access, and suspicious activities over its network.