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Know what Big Data is with its basics

Today’s world has been transformed into a digitized world where not only businesses but also common folks are using digital platforms resulting in the generation of a huge amount of data every day. To store these data and to transfer it we required a potent platform and Big Data is the one-stop solution for all the requirements. Big Data is capable of storing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. These sets of information can be mined any time to use further, such as in the machine learning process, business analysis, predictive data, and many more.

The big data is majorly categorized in three Vs and those are listed below:

  • Volume of data
  • Variety of data
  • The velocity of data generation

Importance of big data:

Most of the business has undergone a digital transformation and has been completely dependent on digital data to execute several business operations. Hence, companies require accumulating all the data at one place which is easily accessible by them and also helps them in storing any type of data without making any variation in the type of data stored.

It assists the organization to enhance their productivity, improved operations, provide more customized customer services, and also personalized marketing. Now companies can make more valuable insights comparing the business history of several years, even with the help of Big Data you will be able to mine the data of the entire world within a few minutes.

Big data is playing a crucial role in the medical research industry. If you compare about five decades before, medical research was very tedious work and was a slow process too. The professionals were required to start their research right from the beginning or if anyone has already initiated the research then reaching out to those insights was a tough job. One of the toughest jobs for them was to attain a piece of old information after many years. But the big data has brought a revolution in the medical sector, now previous studies, researchers, and other required details are easily available to everyone making the researches much easier.