Revolutionizing Video Streaming
Sergio Grce, CEO, iSIZE Technologies

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Revolutionizing Video Streaming

With the colossal rise in streaming media, there has been a growing demand for high quality video anytime and/or anywhere. Codecs, the “essence of life” for the streaming media market, have been undergoing immense transformation to support the sheer volume of higher quality content that viewers demand. However, advancements in traditional video codec technology have been slow and the degree of innovation is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of this rapidly growing sector. Not to mention, the risk of deploying new codecs being very high.

With a strong background in AI technologies, and its applications for video imaging, art and gaming, Sergio Grce and the iSIZE team recognized AI’s potential to help overcome many of the challenges created by the traditional approach.“Today there are more people streaming more video than ever before. Our customers recognize both the commercial opportunity and their social responsibility to optimize their video delivery pipelines with our pioneering technology.’’

iSIZE builds high-impact video streaming solutions powered by the latest AI innovations to provide efficient, intelligent and sustainable video delivery that enables clients to reach more users and provide better experiences to end users while reducing cost and environmental impact, which some studies show is now overtaking the airline industry in terms of carbon emissions. It offers up to a two-fold reduction in the energy footprint of any video encoder while improving perceptual quality, thereby making datacenters more efficient in processing video workloads.

ISIZE has created a ready-now AI solution to deliver on the current and future video streaming improvements.   Grce added: “We are passionate about building high-impact video solutions that leave a mark on the world.’’

iSIZE’s proprietary deep perceptual optimizer BitSave is the first technology of its kind. As a codec-independent add-on feature to existing conventional video encoding pipelines, it uses AI trained to “see with the human eye” to optimize video quality, deliver substantial bandwidth, energy, and cost savings for VoD and live streaming providers, broadcasters, gaming companies and other video entertainment platforms.

Though a non-technical CEO, Sergio believes in building a successful tech company by drawing on a combination of vision and the right talent. iSIZE’s team comprises of members holding PhDs in video signal processing, machine learning, and advanced networking systems, including university professors. Revolutionizing the approach to video delivery, the company leverages the power of AI to provide long-lasting value to customers meeting the growing surge in video consumption.

Company: iSIZE Technologies


Management:  Sergio Grce, CEO

Founded Year: 2016

Headquarters: London, England

Description: iSize Technologies pioneers deep learning for video delivery

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