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Not just a responsibility but a requirement

Not just a responsibility but a requirement

Transparency of ads: Not just a responsibility but a requirement

Since so many years, creative ads have been the basic way for grabbing more and more viewers’ attention and turning them into customers. But due to over exaggeration of ad content most of the customers get disappointed and the brand was no longer capable to retain those customers who were only tempted with the overwhelming ad story. But now this process is meeting its end. The Federal Trade Commission has introduced new policies and has clarified how an ad must be. This is going to change the media landscape entirely. Producing native ads may prove challenging for advertising companies but most probably it is going to be a boon for each and every business industries those who all were taking assistance of ads for branding and customer enhancement.

What is a native ad?

Native advertising states a form of advertising which is precisely about its brand, exactly matching the functioning and form of the platform for which advertisement is being prepared. That means, now no more exaggeration or false commitment about the product or service. Native ad will be a boon for all, business industries as well as customers too.

There are several benefits of opting native ads in the media and entertainment industry. This is for sure going to transform the way of advertisement we have witnessed yet. Few of the benefits are listed below:

Control on publishing:

Earlier an ad was displayed to everyone, either they are targeted customers or not. But now there is a break in that advertising manner. Now a publisher can filter out his targeted audience and can display his ads in front of only targeted customers to get better results.

Increased potent reach:

With the reformation of ad content considering only native platform it increases potential reach. Now customers are well informed about the product and services. Audiences are more likely to get engaged with real context and the native information about product or services gives them a solution for their requirement. Here loss of audience or users are almost to zero, as you are providing real information then only those hook up to your service or product who are actually looking for it.